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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109742156, Entry date: 10/21/2016

Sales and delivery release for SIMOTICS M-1PH2 with PT1000 temperature sensor

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Effective immediately, SIMOTICS M-1PH2 built-in motors with frame size 140 can now be ordered under a modified order number and delivered with the Pt1000 temperature sensor.


The Pt1000 temperature sensors replace the integrated KTY84-130 sensors ensuring the thermal protection of the winding, which have been integrated so far. For additional information on the product discontinuation for KTY84-130, see 109478106.

As the temperature sensors are not compatible, the article number has to be changed for all 1PH2 motors equipped with Pt1000.

New article numbers for SIMOTICS M-1PH2 motors

The change only refers to frame sizes up to 140 which are actively marketed. The temperature sensor will not be changed for larger shaft heights.

The type of the built-in temperature sensor will be defined via the 11th position of the Article No.:

a) Motors with 12-digit article number

Old article number
with KTY84-130

New article number
with Pt1000



b) Motors with 16-digit article number

Winding version

Old article number
with KTY84-130

New article number
with Pt1000

Cast winding



impregnated winding1PH2...-...4.1PH2...-...2.
Cast star/delta winding1PH2...-...7.-....1PH2...-...5.-....
Impregnated star/delta winding1PH2...-...8.-....1PH2...-...6.-....

If possible, these article numbers should be used immediately when ordering motors for any new systems.

Requirements regarding the converter firmware

If converters of other manufacturers are used, compatibility with the Pt1000 temperature sensor must be checked.

If Siemens converters are used, the versions with Pt1000 will be supported by the following firmware:


  • SINAMICS S120 firmware V4.8 and V4.7 HF17
  • SINAMICS G120 firmware V4.7 SP6
  • SINUMERIK V4.7 SP2 HF1 and V4.5 SP6
  • SIMOTION V4.5 (SINAMICS Integrated firmware V4.8)

Commissioning tool:

  • SINAMICS Startdrive: from V14
  • SINAMICS STARTER: from V4.5 and V4.4 with SSP see 109477641 
  • SINUMERIK: from V4.7 SP2 HF1 and V4.5 SP6

The Pt1000 can be parameterized via the parameter P0601 with the value 6.

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