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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109742209, Entry date: 10/21/2016

Delivery release for the CPU 1518-4 PN/DP ODK Standard and Fail-safe

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The CPU 1518-4 PN/DP ODK and CPU 1518F-4 PN/DP ODK controllers are released for delivery. Both of these additional high-end controllers are based on the innovated firmware version V2.0 of the SIMATIC S7-1500 controller.

Product description for CPU 1518(F)-4 PN/DP ODK (Open Development Kit):

The SIMATIC S7-1500 controller series has been supplemented with two controllers, CPU 1518-4 PN/DP ODK and CPU 1518F-4 PN/DP ODK. The CPU 1518(F)-4 PN/DP ODK is designed for the high-end range of machines and factory automation.
The CPU has the configuration limits and functionality of a CPU 1518(F)-4 PN /DP and offers the option, in addition to the standard and fail-safe user program created with STEP 7 in TIA Portal, to be integrated into the user program via the C/C++ functions created by SIMATIC ODK 1500S. By using ODK (Open Development Kit), you can use mechanisms from high-level programming languages (e.g. object orientation). The blocks created by the SIMATIC ODK 1500S can be executed synchronously during the execution cycle in the standard component of the CPU. This has the advantage that existing technological know-how in the form of C/C++ algorithms in the CPU can be reused by integrating the code in the CPU runtime environment via the Open Development Kit SIMATIC ODK 1500S.

The engineering package SIMATIC Target 1500STM for Simulink(R) gives you the additional option of integrating complex Simulink models in the control program of this CPU so that you can use the advantages of model-based development with MATLAB/Simulink directly on the CPU 1518(F)-4 PN/DP ODK.

Product information:


CPU 1518F-4 PN/DP  ODK                                                     CPU 1518-4 PN/DP ODK


Basic data:


CPU 1518-4 PN/DP ODK



Program / Data

4 MB / 20 MB

6 MB / 20 MB

for ODK application

20 MB


Bit operations

1 ns

Word operations

2 ns

Integer math instructions

2 ns

Floating-point arithmetic

6 ns

Bit memories, timers and counters

S7 counters / S7 timers


IEC counter

Any (only limited by the work memory)

IEC timer

Any (only limited by the work memory)

Bit memory

16 KB

I/O address area


32 KB (all inputs are stored in the process image)


32 KB (all outputs are stored in the process image)


X1: PN IO (IRT/RT) interface with 2 ports; 100 Mbps
X2: PN IO RT interface with 1 port; 100 Mbps
X3: PN basic service, 1 Gbps


OPC UA Server, Data Access; Runtime license required

Web server




Mounting dimensions WxHxD (mm)

175 x 147 x 129

Highlights CPU 1518(F)-4 PN/DP ODK:

  • Configuration limits and functionality of CPU 1518(F)-4 PN/DP with a runtime environment for C/C++ code in the standard component on the CPU
  • Integration of control functions and applications implemented in C/C++ via Open Development Kit (SIMATIC ODK 1500S)
  • Using the SIMATIC Target 1500STM for Simulink(R), C/C++ code for the CPU 1518(F)-4 PN/DP ODK can be automatically created from Simulink models.
  • Three PROFINET interfaces
    • X1 with 2-port switch
      • PROFINET IO RT and IRT
      • Send clock für PROFINET IO IRT of 125 µs
      • IO controller for up to 512 IO devices
      • I-device
      • 100 Mbit interface
    • X2 with 1 port
      • IO controller for up to 128 IO devices
      • I-device
      • 100 Mbit interface
    • X3 with 1 port
      • PROFINET basic services
      • Gbit interface
  • PROFIBUS DP interface
  • Shared device for up to 4 controllers
  • Media redundancy with MRP and MRPD
  • Open Ethernet communication (TCP/IP, UDP, Iso-on-TCP, Secure OUC and DNS)
  • OPC UA server (data access) - (Runtime license required)
  • Web server functionality for information, status and diagnostics, online backup options
  • Display for status and diagnostics, online backup options
  • Security Integrated
  • Integrated technology
  • Integrated system diagnostics
  • Trace function (display also via the Web server)


As with the CPUs 1518(F)-4 PN/DP, which have already been successfully introduced to the market, both the CPUs 1518(F)-4 PN/DP ODK have a PROFINET IO interface with two PROFINET ports. A ring redundancy can be realized with ports 1 and 2 (MRP or MRPD).
The CPUs 1518-4 PN/DP ODK and 1518F-4 PN/DP ODK support PROFINET IRT via this PN interface for short, predictable reaction times, even faster deterministic data exchange with IO devices and a high resistance to interface compared to non-realtime data communication.
The innovated firmware V2.0 allows a send clock of 125 µs under PROFINET IO IRT.
In addition to the first PROFINET interface, the CPUs 1518(F)-4 PN/DP with the X2 interface (1 port) offer an additional PROFINET IO RT interface for connection of up to 128 IO devices.
The failsafe CPU 1518F-4 PN/DP ODK supports the PROFIsafe communication mechanism via PROFINET IO.
The X3 interface offers PROFINET basic services with a transmission rate of 1 Gbps.
You can find additional information on PROFINET in the manual "SIMATIC PROFINET with STEP 7 V14"

Security Integrated

As all CPUs of the S7-1500, the CPU 1518(F)-4 PN/DP ODK in combination with STEP 7 offers password-based know-how protection against unauthorized reading and modification of program blocks.
Copy protection offers better security against unauthorized reproduction of program blocks. With copy protection, an individual block on the SIMATIC memory card can be married to its serial number, which means the block can only be executed if the configured memory card is inserted into the CPU. A copy protection to the serial number of the CPU is possible, too.
In addition, you can assign various access rights in the controller to different user groups in the controller using four different authorization levels (five with the CPU 1518F-4 PN/DP ODK). Improved manipulation protection allows changed or unauthorized transfers of engineering data to be detected by the CPUs.

Integrated system diagnostics

The integrated system diagnostics are activated in the CPU 1518(F)-4 PN/DP ODK by default. System diagnostics information is displayed consistently and in plain text in the TIA Portal, HMI and Web server, even for messages from the drives and are also possible in the STOP state of the CPU. If new hardware components are configured, the diagnostic information is updated automatically.

Integrated technology

Drives can be connected flexibly via PROFINET or analog interfaces to the CPU 1518(F)-4 PN/DP ODK. Motion sequences can be programmed and implemented quickly and easily with PLCopen motion blocks. Convenient diagnostics and commissioning tools support the user when commissioning the drive. Automatic alarms to the engineering system and to the HMI make it easier for users to locate errors and thus save time and energy during commissioning.

Trace function

Using the trace function, tags of a CPU 1518(F)-4 PN/DP ODK are recorded and later evaluated. Tags are drive parameters or system and user tags of a CPU, for example. The maximum recording time is limited by the size of the memory. Up to 8 traces can be used simultaneously.
In the web server of the CPU, the completed traces saved on the SIMATIC memory card can be displayed and evaluated.
Additional information on trace function is available in the "SIMATIC/SINAMICS Using the trace and logic analyzer function" (entry ID:! 64897128!).

Compatibility and necessary components

The CPU 1518-4 PN/DP ODK und CPU 1518F-4 PN/DP ODK are delivered with the innovated CPU firmware version 2.0. Information on the latest features available with the firmware version V2.0 is provided in a separate entry.


The new CPU 1518(F)-4 PN/DP ODK will be programmed and configured exclusively in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal with STEP 7 Professional as of V14 and higher (entry ID:! 109740340!). Configuration with older STEP 7 versions is not possible.


The optional package STEP 7 Safety Advanced V14 is required for configuration of safety-related technology.

SIMATIC Memory Card (required for operating the CPU):

The CPUs 1518-4 PN/DP ODK and CPU 1518F-4 PN/DP ODK work with a SIMATIC Memory Card. The card is used as a pluggable load memory or for firmware updates.
STEP 7 projects, including comments and symbols, additional documentation, or csv files (for recipes and archives), can also be stored on the SIMATIC memory card. Data blocks can be created and data stored or read via SFCs on the SIMATIC memory card with the user program.

The following types can be used:



Article number

SIMATIC Memory Card 4 MB


SIMATIC Memory Card 12 MB


SIMATIC Memory Card 24 MB


SIMATIC Memory Card 256 MB


SIMATIC Memory Card 2 GB


SIMATIC Memory Card 32 GB



Ordering information:


Article number

CPU 1518-4 PN/DP ODK




Supplementary engineering packages

Article number

ODK 1500S V2.0 (Download)


ODK 1500S V2.0 (DVD)


Target 1500STM  for Simulink(R) V1.0 (Download)


SIMATIC OPC UA S7-1500 large, Single Runtime Lizenz6ES7823-0BA00-1DA0
SIMATIC OPC UA S7-1500 large, Single Runtime Lizenz


Additional information

The following informational material is available:
Internet presence: www.siemens.com/S7-1500