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MindSphere – Overview about the most important documents and links

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Documentation & General information

Here you can find our new documentation portals for MindSphere Version January 2018 :

Developer Documentation
Product Documentation

Learn more about Siemens MindSphere
Buy Siemens MindSphere
MindSphere Master Agreement
Product Sheets


MindSphere – FAQs
MindSphere - Community

Product Notes

Upd!Sales and Delivery Release for MindSphere (July 2017)
 Sales and Delivery Release: New Version of MindSphere Fleet Manager and Visual Analyzer (October 2017)
 Sales and Delivery Release for TIBCO Jaspersoft™ Services for MindSphere – September 2017
Sales and Delivery Release for MindConnect Nano
Sales and Delivery Release for MindConnect IoT2040
Sales and Delivery Release for Manage MyMachines

Technical Data Sheets

MindAccess User – Datasheet
MindSphere – Fleet Manager – Data Sheet
 MindSphere – Visual Analyzer – Data Sheet
MindAccess Developer – Datasheet
MindSphere Weather Data Services – Datasheet
MindSphere Notification Services – Datasheet
MindConnect Nano – Datasheet & Specific Terms
MindConnect IoT2040 – Datasheet & Specific Terms
MindConnect FB 1500 - Datasheet
MindConnect LIB – Datasheet
 CMS X-Tools – Datasheet
MindSphere – Manage MyMachines – Data Sheet

Downloads, Firmware and Open Source Software (OSS)

MindConnect Nano – Firmware and Open Source Software (OSS)
MindConnect IoT2040 – Firmware and Open Source Software (OSS)
MindConnect FB 1500 – Download & Application example
MindConnect edge analytics based on X-Tools – Overview


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