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Configuration of an MRP ring with SIMOCODE and SIMATIC S7-1500

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To ensure high plant availability, the devices are connected with each other in an MRP ring (Media Redundancy Protocol). As a result, the remaining devices are still accessible in the event of a device or line failure.

The “Media Redundancy Protocol” (MRP) is a protocol for high-availability networks that are usually required for critical automation applications.
By establishing a ring topology, single failures of a switch or a line can be compensated with MRP.

In an MRP ring, a redundancy manager (in this application example the SIMATIC S7-1500) sends special test packages and checks, whether the ring is closed.

If an MRP ring component fails, the test packages sent by a port do not reach the respective other port. The redundancy manager then informs the switches about the altered topology and forwards their packages to both directions.

MRP offers the following advantages:

  • Fast detection of a network error and less reconfiguration time of the network (about 200 ms for 50 devices).

  • Can be implemented for small and very large networks

  • Cost-effective due to reduced wiring involved

  • Clear and simply structured wiring

  • Plant can be expanded during operation

  • Standardized protocol enables communication between devices from different manufacturers.

In addition to the MRP ring, the PROFINET function “Device replacement without removable medium/PD” is used in this application example. If a device is exchanged, the IO controller automatically assigns configured parameters to the new device. Therefore, the service personal does not need to load the configuration into the new device and downtime is reduced.

Documentation and example project
  Documentation (905,6 KB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Project for STEP 7 V16 (1,8 MB)

In the archive you can find sample projects for STEP 7 V13 and STEP 7 V14.

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