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S7-1500T: Circular Motion on the Basis of Cam Disks "MoveCircle2D”

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In production engineering there are many applications where a product is processed on a circular or elliptical trajectory, for example, applying an adhesive onto a carrier.

This application example describes how you can realize an even circular or elliptical motion with a S7-1500T. The individual steps of the motion are programmed in the (FB) "MoveCircle2D" function block. The desired circular or elliptical motion can be configured via the block parameters. You can specify the parameters via a user-defined webpage. You can also execute and monitor the function via the webpage.

Mode of operation
A circular motion in a Cartesian coordinate system is achieved by the overlapping of a sinusoidal motion (X axis) and a cosinusoidal motion (Y axis). The motion of both axes is created via cam disc synchronism.

The motion of both axes is created via cam disc synchronism. The cam discs required for this are create by the "MoveCircle2D" function block, based on the parameters at program runtime.

Examples of possible trajectories

Documentation and example project
  Documentation (1,6 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Project for STEP 7 V14 SP1 (1,3 MB)

Last Changes
Optimizations at the program flow

Additional Keywords
Circular trajectory, Elliptical trajectory, Circular interpolation, Elliptical interpolation, Interpolation, Cam, Path

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