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How do you backup retained current values of DBs of the S7-1200/S7-1500 when upgrading from STEP 7 (TIA Portal) V13 SP1 and restore them in V14?

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When upgrading a STEP 7 (TIA Portal) project from V13 SP1 to V14 the retained current values of data blocks are lost. This entry describes how to backup your current values and restore them again in the upgraded STEP 7 V14 project. Required is a S7-1200 with firmware V4.1, or a S7-1500 with firmware V1.7.

To keep the retained current values when upgrading the STEP 7 project from V13 SP1 to V14 the current values from your V13 SP1 project are stored as monitor values in a snapshot. In the upgraded V14 project the values of the snapshot are loaded back as current values.

The "Load snapshots as actual values" function cannot be used for the following objects:

  • DBs over 8 Mbytes
  • Fail-safe DBs and IDBs
  • Technology objects for Motion Control
  • Technology objects for high-speed counters (HSC)

Procedure inSTEP 7 (TIA Portal) V13 SP1 for making a snapshot of the monitor values

  1. In the project navigation you right-click your configured CPU and in the pop-menu you select "Go online".
  2. To backup the current values for all DBs in one step, in the same pop-up menu you select the item "Snapshot of the monitor values" (Fig. 1). The snapshot is displayed in the view on the left of the monitor values.
  3. Save your STEP 7 (TIA Portal) V13 SP1 project and close the TIA Portal V13 at this point.

If you only want to save single values from the V13 SP1 project, right-click the relevant element in the tree structure. The snapshot of the monitor values is valid for all lower-level folders and data blocks.

Fig. 1

Procedure in STEP 7 (TIA Portal) V14 for upgrading the project and loading the snapshots as current values
  1. In the TIA Portal V14 you open your V13 project file (*.ap13).
  2. In the pop-up menu you confirm the upgrading of your project.
  3. In the project navigation you select your CPU and compile it.
  4. Download the hardware configuration and the software to the CPU.
  5. You must put the CPU into STOP mode for the download.
  6. Select your CPU in the project navigation and click "Go online".
  7. In the same pop-up menu you select the command "Load snapshots as actual values" (Fig. 2).
  8. Put your CPU into RUN mode.

All the blocks below your selection are filled with the values of the snapshot.

Fig. 2

You have restored the current values in your TIA Portal V14 project.
Non-retained current values are lost in the transit from STOP mode to RUN mode and are initialized with the Start values. The retained values are kept.

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The screens in this entry were created with STEP 7 (TIA Portal) V13 SP1 and V14.

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