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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 109742764, Entry date: 11/23/2016

Why do you not get a connection between PLCSIM and a Panel Simulation after migrating to WinCC TIA V14?

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No connection can be established between PLCSIM and Panel Simulation after project migration from V13 to V14. You get the message "140001: Connection disconnected:".
It is currently not possible to connect a panel with firmware version V13.0.1.0 or lower with PLCSIM V14. When you start PLCSIM/Panel Simulation there is no communication.
You get the error message "140001: Connection disconnected:".

Fig. 01

If you change the firmware version to V14.0.0.0, communication can be established again.


  • Open the device view of the panel concerned.

    Fig. 02
  • In the properties of the panel, under "General" you click "Change device/version".

    Fig. 03
  • In the project tree on the right you select the corresponding panel and click "OK".

    Fig. 04
The firmware has now been changed to V14.0.0.0. This means that communication between PLCSIM and a Panel Simulation can be re-established.