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Delivery release tabletop power supply unit for Mobile Panel IWLAN

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The tabletop power supply unit (6AV6671-5CN00-0AX2) for Mobile Panel IWLAN is discontinued effective immediately. Moreover, the successor 6AV6671-5CN00-0AX3 is released for delivery.

The tabletop power supply unit 6AV6671-5CN00-0AX2 with IEC cables for four regions (EU, US, UK and JP) is being discontinued.

Tabletop power supply unit:

IEC cables:

The successor is fully compatible and is available for six regions (DE/EU, UK, SW, US, IT and China). The power supply unit can also be ordered without a power cord. When the IEC cable is ordered, the suitable country-specific cable is included in the delivery.

Additional technical and graphical data on the tabletop power supply unit is available in the "Product Support" of the Industry Online Support. https://support.industry.siemens.com/

The following table shows the complete order overview:

 Article number 




Tabletop power supply unit without IEC power cable


Tabletop power supply unit with IEC cable for Germany, France, Poland,...

CEE 7/7


Tabletop power supply unit with IEC cable for Great Britain, Ireland, Hong Kong, ...

BS 1363


Tabletop power supply unit with IEC cable for Switzerland, Lichtenstein

SEV 1011


Tabletop power supply unit with IEC cable for USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, ...

NEMA 5-15


Tabletop power supply unit with IEC cable for Italy, Albania, ...

CEI 23-50


Tabletop power supply unit with IEC cable for China, Australia, Argentina, ...

 AS 3112

This power supply unit is merchandise (see also technical specifications).

Product responsibility always lies with the manufacturer or importer, and the current certificates must also always be requested from the manufacturer or importer (for goods imported into the EU) or searched for and downloaded from their homepage.

The Data Sheet GST60A can be found at booth 11/2018 at this address:

You can find certificates and other downloads with version 12/2018 here Homepage of Meanwell.
Select the language and enter the search term in English, e.g. "Certificate".

You can then find results under <Download>.

The certificates provided directly by Siemens in SIOS do not have to be complete, nor do they have to be up-to-date.

The manufacturer's address can be found in the technical specifications of the respective product.



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