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Type of protection "Non-sparking equipment – Ex nA"

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The new edition of IEC/EN 60079-7 published in 2015 introduced the future successor of the "Ex nA" type of protection. "Ex nA" has changed its name to "Ex ec". In technical terms, both types of protection are identical.

How long will the designation "Ex nA" continue to apply? 

There is still no expiration date for the "Ex nA" standard (IEC/EN 60079-15:2010). This is why both types of protection are admissible on the market in parallel. However, we anticipate that the "Ex nA" type of protection will be removed from the standard in the next two years. 

From when on will it be obligatory to mark new devices with "Ex ec"? 

After the expiration period of IEC/EN 60079-15:2010, all new devices put into circulation will have to be marked with "Ex ec". We expect the date of expiration will be in about four years from now. 

When will the "Ex ec" designation be coming for our PD PA PI field devices? 

The changeover from "Ex nA" to "Ex ec" has already begun. All devices will be changed over successively in the years to come. The change will be visible in labeling, documentation and the affected certificates. 

May I operate "Ex nA" and "Ex ec" equipment together? 

Yes. "Ex ec" was introduced explicitly as the successor for the "Ex nA" type of protection and has been confirmed as being technically identical. 

This information concerns the following products: all products from PD PA PI

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