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Connecting a SIMATIC RTU3030C to a Control Center Running SIMATIC WinCC TeleControl

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The battery-powered SIMATIC RTU3030C monitor the fill level of remote rain overflow basins. At regular intervals, the RTUs log on to the cellular network and establish secure VPN tunnels to the SINEMA Remote Connect Server in the control center.

The control center and the RTUs communicate using DNP3. WinCC TeleControl V7.4 is used as a DNP3 master. When an RTU has established a VPN tunnel, the DNP3 master retrieves and visualizes the fill level. 

In addition, service engineers can access the RTUs' web servers via the VPN tunnels and perform maintenance work or read archived process values from the SD cards.

If the fill level exceeds a critical value, the RTUs notify the operator by email and SMS, even outside planned communication cycles.

Documentation and Example Projects
  Documentation (4,2 MB) 
 Registrierung notwendig  WinCC project, faceplate and configuration file for RTU3030C (41,6 MB) 

Last Changes

  • Update to Firmware V3.0.27
  • Optimization of power consumption
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