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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109743847, Entry date: 12/13/2016

Sales and delivery release for Extension Units Hardwired (12“ and 15“) for SIMATIC HMI PRO devices

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In addition to the existing portfolio of Extension Units Hardwired, comprising 19“ and 22“ units, 12“ and 15“ Extension Units are offered with immediate effect.

The portfolio of the new HMI devices with all-round IP65 protection is being expanded by the 12" and 15" Extension Units Hardwired. These components enable easy adaptation to individual customer requirements for machine-level operator control and monitoring, and are available effective immediately.

Example for installation of an extension unit with operator controls

The new extension units for the 16:9 PRO devices are suitable for flexible installation of various operator controls that easily and individually expand the local operating options. They are designed to match the PRO devices and can be easily mounted below them by the customer.

The extension units are characterized by:

  • Availability in four different sizes for the 12", 15",19" and 22" PRO devices, respectively.

  • Three connection options per size: Direct wiring (hardwired), PROFINET and PROFISAFE

  • Large selection of operator controls

  • Complete flexibility in arranging the operator controls

  • Fast wiring using pre-assembled cable harness and connectors

Thanks to these properties, the extension units enable a wide variety of operating scenarios for customers.

Only the Extension Units Hardwired for the respective 12" and 15" PRO devices are released in this initial stage of delivery. The operator controls in the Hardwired version are connected using two field terminals that can be easily and quickly plugged and pulled. As a result, they can be easily wired to the automation system.

Each extension unit offers a specific number of slots for operator controls:

  • Extension Unit 12": 6 slots

  • Extension Unit 15": 8 slots

The assembling of the Extension Units is very simple. The individual operator controls can be easily mounted and quickly wired in the pre-punched positions without special tools. Just as easily, elements can later be replaced or newly installed in the event of a defect or during a machine retrofit or expansion. (The assembling of the extension units is performed by the customer).

The released operator controls for the extension units offer easy and straightforward assembling of a customized system solution with standard components. The type, number and arrangement of the operator controls in the extension units can be individually defined and according to customer request. In addition, these components can be upgraded or exchanged (even at a later date) thanks to the properties of the extension units.

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The extension units and the operator controls are included system components for PRO devices.

The extension units are supplied without installed components:

Extension Unit 12" Hardwired

Extension Unit 15" Hardwired