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SINAMICS G120: Fan behavior

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Applies to G110D/G110M,G120/G120C/G120D/G120X/G120XA Power Modules

When is the cooling fan switched on and off?

There are three main operating modes of the device fan

 SINAMICSFrame Size (FS)  Firmware Version1. Fan controlled by ON/OFF command 2. Fan controlled by Temperature 3. Fan controlled by variable speed 
 PM230 FSA-FSF all X  
 PM230 FSA-FSC1 > V4.0   X
 PM240 FSA-FSF all X  
 PM240-2 FSA-FSC > V4.0 X  
 PM240-2 FSD-FSF > V4.0   X
 PM240P-2 FSD-FSF > V4.0   X
 PM250  all X  
 PM260  all X  
 G120C FSA-FSC > V4.0 X  
 G120C FSD-FSF > V4.0   X
 G120D  > V4.0  X 
 G110M  > V4.0  X 
 G110D  < V4.0  X 
 G120X / XA     X

1PM230 FSA-FSC only with MLFB ending in one, 6SL321x-xxxx-xxx1

  1. Fan controlled by ON/OFF command
    For SINAMICS G120 inverter, the fan only starts to operate after an ON command and is powered-down sequence can be delayed using parameter P0295.

  2. Fan controlled by temperature
    Fan will start when the heatsink temperature is above a fixed value.
    G110D 50°C (122°F)
    G120D 50°C (122°F)
    G110M 50°C (122°F)

  3. Fan controlled by variable speed
    Power module has a variable speed fan output related to inverter temperature, this is done for both noise reduction and energy saving. Each product has been optimised for best performance to meet the cooling requirements

    See tables below for characteristics

    Example: PM240 FSA fan speed is 50% when run signal is on, at 65°C the fan will increase speed until it reaches 100% and 90°C


    For G120X/XA FSA-FSG the fan speed is 25% when the run signal is applied. At 65°C the fan speed will increase until it reaches a maximum of 100% at 90°C.

    The G120X/XA the fan will continue to run after the ON command is removed until the heatsink temperature falls below 65°C.


For G120C FSA-C the top fan and internal stirring fan will start when on command applied.

Faults and warnings

A30049 Internal fan faulty: The internal stirring fan is blocked or missing.

Check the fan and replace if necessary.

F30059 Internal fan faulty: After 15 minutes if the warning A30049 if not cleared then the fault will be indicated.

Cause: The internal power unit fan has failed and is possibly defective.
Remedy: Check the internal fan and replace if necessary.

F30004 Power unit: Over temperature heat sink AC inverter as reached over temperature

Cause: The temperature of the power unit heat sink has exceeded the permissible limit value.

  • Insufficient cooling, fan failure.
  • overload.
  • Ambient temperature too high.
  • Pulse frequency too high.

Fault value (r0949, interpret decimal):
Temperature [1 bit = 0.01 °C].


  • check whether the fan is running.
  • check the fan elements.
  • check whether the ambient temperature is in the permissible range.
  • check the motor load.
  • reduce the pulse frequency if this is higher than the rated pulse frequency.

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