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Connection of SIMATIC Energy Suite to SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO V7.0 and subsequent Reporting

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In a detailed instruction you will be shown how you can import and evaluate your energy data from SIMATIC Energy Suite in SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO.

SIMATIC Energy Suite gives you the opportunity to read, archive and visualize energy data from measuring and automation devices.
If you want to process the data further, for example, in a monthly reporting or also a company-wide energy efficiency controlling, SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO provides solutions.

SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO offers you a number of interfaces with which you can import the energy data. Among other things, you can get your SIMATIC Energy Suite energy data directly from the archive of WinCC Runtime Professional.
With the help of the included report templates, you have the option to further process your acquired energy data and to export and store it as a report (e.g. in Excel).

Documentation and report templates

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