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Why do you have to log in and register for downloading export-restricted software and what data do you need for this?

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Information about software packages or components that are subject to national and European export regulations and US re-export regulations.


The delivery of goods, services and data is subject to national and international foreign trade law regulations. These have to applied strictly by all companies working on an international scale. Software and software components fall under these regulations. Siemens has the corporate-wide obligation to ensure full compliance with national, international and supranational regulations regarding export control and customs (ECC).

Wikipedia entry on export control

The Industry Online Support entries include software available for free downloading and software that is subject to export restrictions identified by this icon: .

Registration of software subject to export restrictions

  1. In order to obtain access to export-restricted software you have to register in Industry Online Support.

    If you are already registered for access to the Industry Online Portal but not yet for accessing export-restricted software, you should log in to the Industry Online Portal. Click your login and open the item "Modify personal data". Register for the "Download of export-restricted software". In the case of a later registration for export-restricted software the following step 4 is irrelevant.

    Fig. 02
  2. Fill in all the mandatory fields marked with *.
    Please fill in the field marked "Company" with the official company designation including the legal form (for example GmbH, AG, KG, Ltd., Plc., LLC, Corp., Inc., etc.), or with the official name of your university/college. Open the submenu "Download of export-restricted software" and check the box for obtaining access to export-restricted software in Industry Online Support.

    Fig. 03

    Click "Continue" to continue.

  3. Confirm the data privacy notices and terms of use.

    Fig. 04

    Click "Continue" to continue.

  4. Click "Continue" to continue.

    Fig. 05

    You will immediately receive an e-mail for the registration. Follow the instructions in the e-mail to register.

At the moment you are still not authorized to download export-restricted software from Industry Online Portal.

Siemens now does an export regulation check. This check usually takes 2 to 3 working days. In exceptional cases it can take longer. After the check you receive an e-mail permitting you to download export-restricted software from the Industry Online Portal. You must receive the corresponding e-mail before you can download any export-restricted software. When you receive the corresponding e-mail you can continue with the instructions in the e-mail.
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