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Siemens Digital Worker, Asset Performance Management, Mobile Operations Concept and Operations Intelligence with SIMATIC PCS 7, COMOS MRO and XHQ (Video)

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With the Siemens Digital Worker and Asset Performance Management it is possible to ensure a high plant availability and to reduce operating and maintenance costs. Mobile Operations Concept and XHQ Operations Intelligence, both show new possibilities to access process information, remote or contextualized in a compact overview.

Digitalization gets more and more important in process plants. The continous interaction of SIMATIC PCS 7 and COMOS MRO supports the plant manager at all maintenance activities, such as planning, performance and documentation. The process control system SIMATIC PCS 7 ensures a stable and safe process and provides the operator to have an eye for his processes. With the PCS 7 Maintenance Station you can monitor the most important assets and plant components. It is also possible to initiate pending maintenance and reparations.

The following videos show with concrete use cases, how you can profit from digitalization during plant operation already today.

> Key challenges in the field well addressed: The Siemens Digital Worker

The Siemens Digital Worker is an use case oriented, open system and solution to fulfill the requirements and key challenges in the field in a very flexible and unique way.

> Efficient maintenance concepts based on a pump maintenance with SIMATIC PCS 7 and COMOS MRO

During operation, SIMATIC PCS 7 monitors the pumps, creates a maintenance request if needed and hands over the order to COMOS MRO - for an integrated plant management and an efficient repair service.

> Integrated system for diagnosis and optimal maintenance of a plant

The consistent interaction of SIMATIC PCS 7, PCS 7 Maintenance Station and COMOS MRO ensure an efficient realization and documentation of maintenance orders helping to reduces maintenance costs.

> High plant availability by integrated maintenance with consistent data basis

COMOS MRO supports the performance with the access to maintenance related data, such as installation site, electrical wiring and even protocols for maintenance documentation.


> Condition-based Process Control and Management with the Mobile Operations Concept

Today’s digital transformation is giving rise to new concepts and ideas for distributed monitoring and convenient operation of units and modules while simultaneously ensuring asset performance. One of these new approaches is the Mobile Operation Concept, based on the Operator System of SIMATIC PCS 7 together with the Siemens Xpert Device.

> Create transparency, identify optimizing potential and ensure plant efficiency

XHQ supplies a continuous presentation of a variety of process information from different systems like critical CPIs (e.g. the specific energy consumption), maintenance plans and details on production planning for the most important assets or plant components.

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