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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 109744727, Entry date: 01/27/2017

Updates for SIMOCODE ES V14 (TIA Portal)

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Available downloads: Overview of the current and earlier versions

Current version

Status January 2017: Update 1

This update is valid for the following product:

  • SIMOCODE ES V14 Basic (TIA Portal)

  • SIMOCODE ES V14 Standard (TIA Portal)

  • SIMOCODE ES V14 Premium (TIA Portal)

In conjunction with PROFINET devices Note the following:

Devices connected to an enterprise network or directly to the internet must be appropriately protected against unauthorized access, e.g. by use of firewalls and network segmentation. For more information about industrial security, please visit  http://www.siemens.com/industrialsecurity 

Changes in SIMOCODE ES V14 Update 1

  • The IE/PB link (6GK1 411-5AB10 V1.0) can now be used as a network interface for online functions with SIMOCODE per devices with PROFIBUS.

  • Improved display in the parameter editor for the control panel selection menus.

  • Improved display of faults, warnings and status displays.

  • Improved display of diagnostics in online mode.

  • The names of the inputs and outputs for SIMOCODE pro V PN devices are now correct.

  • For SIMOCODE pro V PN devices, the time offset of the UTC time is now used correctly.

  • When migrating a SIMOCODE ES 2007 project, the "Confirm password" field of the web server is now also filled.

  • When migrating a SIMOCODE ES 2007 project, the device name is now also transferred.

  • For SIMOCODE pro V PN devices, the options for setting the reset behavior are now displayed.

  • The export of trace records has been optimized

  • After upgrading a project from SIMOCODE ES V13 SP1 to SIMOCODE ES V14, the tab for parameters in the charts is now filled.

  • The combination of an operator panel with display for the languages EN / CN / RU (3UF7 210-1BA00-0) with a SIMOCODE pro V Modbus RTU device (3UF7 012-1A * 00-0) can now be used

  • Projects upgraded from SIMOCODE ES V12 to SIMOCODE ES V13 can now also be upgraded to SIMOCODE ES V14.

  • The parameter "Deflection error due to missing control module" is now available for all versions of control modules.

  • The product information displayed during the installation process is now correct.

  • The language changeover with the "valve" application is now possible

  • The function block "Thermistor" is now displayed correctly in the diagrams.

  • It is now possible to delete a current detection module without errors

  • The display of the text "Control" is now available in all languages.

  • When downloading a SIMOCODE pro C configuration to a SIMOCODE Pro S device, online connection is now possible.

  • After upgrading a SIMOCODE ES V13 SP1 Update 9 project to SIMOCODE ES V14, no errors occur during compilation.

  • After migration of a SIMOCODE ES 2007 project, the parameters for analog value recording are displayed again.

  • After updating a SIMOCODE ES V13 SP1 project, the parameters for analog value recording are displayed again.

Installation instructions:

  • Updates are cumulative and contain all previous updates.

  • The update can only be installed if SIMOCODE ES V14 (TIA Portal) is already installed (109738034)

  • After each installation of SIMOCODE ES V14 (TIA Portal), the latest update needs to be installed.

Security information
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