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SINAMICS: PROFINET-system redundancy

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The PROFINET system redundancy allows the assembly of system-redundant systems (S2-system redundancy). The purpose of using fault-tolerant automation systems is to reduce production downtimes, regardless of whether the failures are caused by an error/fault or are due to maintenance work.

The SINAMICS S120, G130, G150 and S150 PROFINET control units support PROFINET system redundancy as from FW V4.8.
Precondition for system-redundant systems is a H-system which consists of 2 fault-tolerant controls – master and reserve CPU – which are constantly synchronized.


  • No system downtime in the case of a controller failure
  • Component replacement possible during ongoing operation
  • Configuration changes possible during ongoing operation
  • Automatic synchronization after replacing components


  • Only with the SINAMICS PROFINET Control Units of SINAMICS S120, G130, G150 and S150
  • PROFINET-IRT is not supported
  • No simultaneous operation of Shared Device and Shared I-Device
  • Maximum 2 cyclical PROFINET connections
  • System redundancy only via the onboard interface of SINAMICS PROFINET Control Units
    of SINAMICS S120, G130, G150 and S150
  • For the duration of switching from one controller to the other, the setpoints of the last connection remain frozen and valid.


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