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How do you use multiple monitors simultaneously with the WinCC (TIA Portal) Runtime Professional?

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WinCC Professional permits simultaneous use of multiple display devices with one visualization. This FAQ response explains how to configure this.


For the sake of clarity it might be desirable to have the visualization of a project displayed on multiple monitors and have a part of the visualization on each monitor. WinCC Professional provides two options for this:

  • Configuration of a screen window for each monitor to be used
  • Dividing one screen across multiple monitors

Both methods are described below.

Configuration of a screen window per monitor

With this method you assign up to four screen windows to each monitor. The advantage is greater flexibility, because the screen windows can also be arranged all together on one main overview screen in addition to the single displays.

Proceed as follows for this method:

  1. In the Windows Start menu you open the item "Control Panel > Display > Adjust resolution" and click the "Identify" button.

    Fig. 1
  2. Note the monitor numbers displayed on the individual monitors.
  3. In WinCC Professional you configure one screen for each monitor used as well as an overview screen.
  4. In the overview screen you place one screen window for each of the monitors used.

    Fig. 2
  5. For each screen window you make the following settings in the inspector window under "Properties > General":

    Fig. 3

    a) Under "Contents > Displayed Screen" you select the screen that is to be displayed here in the overview.
    b) Under "Independent Screen Windows" you select the option "Independent Window".
    c) In the drop-down menu "Position and mode" you select the option "Centered".
    d) Under "Monitor number" you select the number of the monitor on which the relevant screen window is to be displayed.

Now on each monitor one of the configured screen windows is visible.

Fig. 4


  • You can set the appearance and behavior of the screen windows in Runtime in the inspector window under "Appearance" and "Layout". At Runtime, each screen window can be displayed as a separate window in the taskbar.
  • Multiple screen windows can be assigned to a monitor via the monitor number.
  • In this way you can control up to four monitors.

Division of a screen on multiple monitors

With this method you create a screen that covers multiple monitors being used. This screen includes the combination of multiple screen windows whose position and resolution matches those of the individual monitors.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Create the combination screen. In the inspection window under "Properties > Layout" you change the size of the layout so that the resolution includes all the monitors being used.

    Fig. 5

    You are using two monitors with resolutions of 1920*1200 and 1440*1024 pixels, which are set up diagonally to each other. In this case you have to define the width and height of the screen with 3360 and 2224 pixels respectively.

    Fig. 6
  2. Create the screens that you want to have displayed.
  3. In the combination screen you create a screen window for each screen to be displayed and for each monitor used.
  4. For each screen window, under "Contents > Displayed Screen" you select the screen that is to be displayed here in the overview.
  5. Change the position and size of the screen windows to fit the geometry of the monitors being used. For a pixel-accurate setting, in the inspector window you use the item "Properties > Layout".

    Fig. 7

    If you are using two monitors set diagonally to each other, you should also arrange the screen windows diagonally to each other.

    Fig. 8

  6. The combination screen is now spread across all the monitors being used. The position of the individual screen windows matches the arrangement of the monitors.

    Fig. 9

  • The maximum resolution of the combination screen is 10,500*10,000 pixels.
  • The display of the screen windows is defined via the configured geometry. There is no specific assignment of the screen windows to the monitors.
  • The two methods presented can be combined with each other.
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