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SIMATIC S7-1500T Flying Saw

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The application example provides a flying saw on the controller platform SIMATIC S7-1500T. A continuous moving material (e.g. foil, metal, paper, corrugated, steel profiles, etc.) can be cut on the fly. Functions: Automatic mode, immediate cut, cut to length or cutting mark, virtual or real master.

Material processing on the fly is necessary if the process itself requires a certain time. Since the material movement shall not influence the material processing, the processing device need to move synchronous to the web.
Therefore the saw axis (following axis) synchronizes position based to the material (leading value).
Once moving synchronous, the material processing is started (e.g. sawing, cutting, embossing, die-cutting).
After the material processing step has been terminated the processing device stops and usually returns to the start position.

The application example "Flying Saw" for fast and easy implementation of this kind of technology is available in two options:

  • Function block including example project "FlyingSawBasic"
  • Standard application from the Converting Toolbox "FlyingSawAdvanced"

Function block including example project "FlyingSawBasic"

The application example "FlyingSawBasic" provides a clear structured and ready-to-apply solution to realize a flying saw with SIMATIC S7-1500T.
The appropriate example project "FlyingSawBasic" is mainly programmed in the programming language KOP/FUP and covers different areas of use.
The programs can be used directly or adapted to own needs. The included HMI project can be used directly for test and simulation purposes or can be adapted to the user specific case of application.

An overview of the functional range can be found in the chart at the end of this description.

  Manual 08/2017 (2,0 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Example project and library for STEP 7 V14 SP1 (6,2 MB)

Standard application from the Converting Toolbox "FlyingSawAdvanced"

The components of the SIMATIC Converting Toolbox have a common philosophy. Beside the technological functions (e.g. winding, tension control, flying saw), the applications use a standardized interface to control all necessary axis functions. Therefore a uniform user interface is provided. Via this interface the user can operate all important axis functions (e.g. referencing, inching, positioning, etc.) as well as additional functions like setup mode.
The basis for this is the standard application "SIMAITC Axis Control" (48816191).
In this way it is possible to realize a uniform and standardized axis control, independent from the used technology function.

The components of the Converting Toolbox are well-matched and can thus be integrated into a common machine concept (application).

The flying saw operation sequences can be realized in the corresponding operating modes or through the operating mode transitions. The user thus controls the flying saw only by specifying the desired operating mode.

Control via mode manager

  • Idle position: Axes enable and move to defined start or service position
  • Automatic: Process mode
  • Manual: Uniform interface to control the basic axis functions like referencing, inching, ... 
                         The axes are operated with an integrated function block for axis control.

An overview of the functional range can be found in the chart at the end of this description.

  Manual 08/2019 (5,0 MB)

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Overview of the range of functions

 Function "FlyingSawBasic""FlyingSawAdvanced" 
Cut to lengthYes Yes 
Cut to measuring input signal (cutting mark on the material) 


Distance to measuring input max. one product length 


Any distance to measuring input (signals are buffered)

Flying change of leading value real axis and external encoder Yes No 
Immediate cut YesYes 
Symetric synchronizing Yes Yes 
Dynamics for return movement Parameterizable Parameterizable / Automatic 
Cut and cut lenth counter Yes By user application
Automatic cutting mark searchBy user applicationWith automatic setting of active range
Travel to hand over position No Yes 
Pull gapNo Yes 
Dynamic shift of start position By user applicationYes 
HMI (commissioning/test interface)Yes Yes 


Additional Keywords
motioncontrol_apc_applications, sup_applications, flying shear, profile, embossing, flying processing, running material web

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