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Plant-wide automation with SIMATIC PCS 7 in the glass industry

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With a higher-level distributed control system plant-wide automation ensures uniform operation and central data management across all plant areas of the production. The automation solutions can be integrated seamlessly and without any additional effort in the control system by specifications for the suppliers for standardization and for using the same hard- and software.
Due to the different production steps in the glass production process, each of which demands a specific procedure and a very high standard of technological expertise, suppliers have become specialized in the individual plant sections (process OEM, hereinafter referred to as “OEM”), for which they have built up and refined their own know-how.

The challenge for the general contractor, who in the glass industry is typically also the final customer, consists in the coordination of the individual OEMs in the project management, and in particular in the specification of the technologies and interfaces to be used.

Plant-wide automation is the basis for a smooth, uniform, standardized solution for plant-encompassing automation. Siemens supports both the general contractor and OEMs in this, e.g. working out specifications, with the components and assemblies used, and in project support and further-reaching services.

Purpose of this documentation
This documentation provides you with a guideline for glass projects and describes the advantages of plant-wide automation for both suppliers of automation solutions and end customers. In addition, production and maintenance are also considered, up to and including Siemens Services for the glass industry.

  Plant-wide Automation in the glass industry (1,2 MB)

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