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A Service Pack 1 is available for SIMATIC CFC V8.2.

What's New?
Compared with the previous version V8.2 the version V8.2 SP1 includes the following extensions and changes:

  • New attributes:
    The following attributes have been added for the "Message" object of control modules: "Single acknowledgment",
    "With acknowledgment", "Trigger action", "OS area" and "Batch ID".
    The "Version" attribute has been added for control modules and equipment modules.
    The new attributes are part of the data exchange between PCS 7 and COMOS.

  • Delay time in the signal processing of an interconnection:

    A delay time in the signal processing of an interconnection is recognized and is displayed on the interconnection in the CFC chart. A warning is given in the log when compiling.

  • Data exchange with COMOS via XML format:
    When exporting to an XML file you can now export selected technological objects via the new menu command "Export selected objects in XML".

Readme file
Prior to installation refer to the notes and compatibility information in the Readme file.
 Registration requiredSIMATIC CFC V8.2 SP1 EU Readme.zip (546.7 KB)

Installation file
The installation file for SIMATIC CFC V8.2 SP1 and the installation file for SIMATIC CFC V8.2 SP1 Upd1 are available in Entry 109745423.

Update 1 requires prior installation of SIMATIC CFC V8.2 SP1. SIMATIC CFC V8.2 SP1 must not be used without Update 1.

To keep your plant permanently up to date, refer to the information in the Compatibility Tool: www.siemens.com/kompatool

Security information
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