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An Update 1 is available for SIMATIC CFC V8.2 SP1.

What's New?
SIMATIC CFC V8.2 SP1 Update 1 includes the following extensions and corrections:

  • In the technological editor you can now assign a unit for analog signals and counters.
  • It is now possible to delete a standard block in an F chart without having to enter the F password.
  • With the instantiation of a control module type (CMT) it might happen that an OB integration of a block defined in the type is not in the instantiated control module (CM). This has been cleared.
  • Block comments were not included in a modification compilation of the OS. This has been cleared.

Readme file
Prior to installation refer to the notes and compatibility information in the Readme file.
 Registration requiredSIMATIC CFC V8.2 SP1 Upd1 EU Readme.zip (546.7 KB)

Installation file
The following ZIP file includes the installation files for SIMATIC CFC V8.2 SP1 and SIMATIC CFC V8.2 SP1 Upd1.
 Registration required SIMATIC CFC V8.2 SP1 Upd1 EU.zip (115.4 MB)


SIMATIC CFC V8.2 SP1 must be installed prior to installation of Update 1. SIMATIC CFC V8.2 SP1 must not be used without Update 1.

To keep your plant permanently up to date, refer to the information in the Compatibility Tool: www.siemens.com/kompatool
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