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MindConnect Nano – Firmware and Open Source Software (OSS)

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This firmware version is valid for all MindSphere regions (EU1, EU2 and CN1)


  • For MindSphere on Alibaba Cloud in region China 1 Version V3.3.0.4 is the minimum required version.
    • Not all features are available in each region at the same time. Please refer to the release notes

    By clicking on any of the download links below, you accept the MindSphere Development License Agreement, which applies to the SDKs made available on this page and which you can access by following the link:

      MindConnect – MindSphere V3 Firmware (Update October 2019)

      First of all the MindConnect has to be set to factory settings. (Only necessary if the Box was already connected to V2 MindSphere)

      1. Create a “ConBox_Commands.json” file (e.g. with Notepad)

      JSON format


        "Commands": [


          "Cmd": "DoFactoryReset",

          "DeviceID": "_MindConnect_ID_"




      The label “_MindConnect_ID_” has to be replaced with the ID which is located on the label of the MindConnect Box. The number is right below the article number.

      Put it on a USB stick and plug the stick in the MindConnect

      3. The MindConnect will be restarted automatically

      The network and SAL settings will be reset to their initial state on MindConnect. All SAL and script logging files will be then deleted.

      To load new firmware on your MindConnect hardware please follow these steps:

      1. Download the firmware ZIP file.

      Version October 2019:  Registrierung notwendig  Nano_03.03.00.06_b003.zip (93,0 MB) 

      SHA256: 7ED5301EA2C9473D69BD7B8604F31BCB468BFA3EBA801E06B9C0D07F64A50B28

      2. Extract the firmware.

      3. Copy the extracted/unzipped fw.tar file to a USB stick (fat32 formatted).

      4. Insert the USB stick and wait until the firmware update is complete.

      • Update carried out: ERROR LED flashes orange
      • MindConnect hardware reboots
      • MAINT LED flashes orange for a few seconds
      • RUN LED orange (not connected to MindSphere)

      5. Disconnect the USB stick.

      6. Ready.

      Note: During the firmware update of the device the data collection will be stopped for a short time frame. So some data points will be lost. 

      More Information: Getting connected to MindSphere V3 109755908

      Open Source Software (OSS)

      Version November 2018:  Registrierung notwendig  ReadMeOSS_Nano.zip (669,0 MB) 

      SHA256: EC3C58BAC963832C38B177161E1EEFB893F17FA9FAFC045ED604010FF8EEC08B

      Firmware Update Guide

      Current versionUpdate to
      < V01.00.01.02 b002= V01.00.01.02 b002
      < V01.02.04.00 b002= V01.02.04.00 b002
      = V01.02.04.00 b002Current V3 version (see above)

      V01.00.01.02 b002:

      Version September 2016:  Registrierung notwendig  Nano_01.00.01.02_b002.zip (44,9 MB)
      SHA256: 324431BFE9482F13B7843176ADF7461BE0B64082A50E1F0B848D7DD95376E602

      V01.02.04.00 b002:

      Version July 2018:  Registrierung notwendig  Nano_01.02.04.00_b002.zip (36,6 MB)
      SHA256: DA8CF71604D0DAF9824E73DB06147FFBEAAA54781C162699A70FF4E61C51E835

      Open Source Software (OSS)

      Version August 2017:  Registrierung notwendig  MindConnect_NANO_1.3_OSS.zip (314,8 MB) 
      SHA256: 6D93E5E380AFE160F54C96DFDCE5567A5735C3DE6128045F5D2B43FD922B0E5D

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