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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 109745779, Entry date: 09/05/2018

SIMOTION V4.4 / V4.5.0.1 : Patch for SCOUT and SCOUT TIA V4.5 HF1 in combination with SCOUT TIA V4.4

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Patch for correct operation of SCOUT TIA V4.4 and SCOUT V4.5.0.1 is installed

The patch corrects two points:

1. If you have installed SCOUT TIA V4.4  and you install one of the following software packages
  • SCOUT oder SCOUT standalone ab V4.5
  • STEP 7 ab V5.5 SP4
  • S7-GRAPH V5.6

After the installation the  LAD/FBD editor in SCOUT TIA V4.4 does not open.

2. If you have installed SCOUT TIA V4.4  and you install  SCOUT TIA V4.5 HF1 several pages for the drive configuration do not open.

This happens in SCOUT and SCOUT TIA, and in both versions V4.4 and V4.5.1 .
The message „Configuration not active“ is shown in the working area .

Install the following patch for a correct operation.

 Registrierung notwendig  109745779_scout_patch_V44V45.zip (6,6 MB) 
SHA-256 checksum: 9DE0483661FFC1CA46ACD99BF918F0722ECE8C460CEDAE04EBA02A8C14576F29
Information about SHA-256 you can find at entry-ID 109483101 

Download and copy the file „109745779_scout_patch_V44V45.zip“ in a separate directory on the Engineering-PC. Unzip the file in this directory. Navigate to the directory "VOL1" and start "setup.exe". Follow the installation instructions.

Further downloads
SIMOTION SCOUT, SCOUT Stand-alone and SCOUT TIA V4.4 HF11, see Entry ID 109480713
SIMOTION SCOUT, SCOUT Stand-alone and SCOUT TIA V4.5 HF1, see Entry ID 109742334 
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