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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109745791, Entry date: 03/10/2017

Delivery release for the IO shield for the industrial IoT gateway SIMATIC IOT2000

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The SIMATIC IOT2000 IO shield is available with immediate effect.

With its digital and analog IOs, the SIMATIC IOT2000 IO shield allows the direct connection of non-time-critical sensor data to the SIMATIC IOT2000.

The essential highlights:

  • High industrial functionality
  • Arduino shield with 5x DI, 2x DO and 2x AI
  • Fast assembly, as the suitable cover and fastening material are included in delivery
  • Industrial design
  • Use of the industry-standard voltage ranges (e.g. 24 V with digital in)
  • Tested environmental conditions, such as IOT2040 (e.g. for 0 .. 50° C)
  • Approvals such as IOT2040 (CE UL)
  • Developed and tested for 24/7 operation
  • Highest degree of variability for creating applications
  • The module addressing via GPIOs allows the arbitrary selection of the programming language and development environment.

Target applications

  • Direct connection of
    • sensors
    • Actuators (in particular lights, buzzers)
  • Forwarding of data to higher-level units, e.g. to a cloud

Technical support and application support from Siemens Industry Online Forum:
The moderated forum for customers is available to support them in the integration and commissioning of the module. You can find a Getting Started, FAQs etc. here. Application examples will be provided successively.

The product features of the SIMATIC IOT2000 input/output module in detail:

Product designation

SIMATIC IOT2000 input/output module



GPIO (I2C and SPI free)

Digital input

5 x DI (24V)

Speed of DI

20 Hz, delay < 1.5 ms

Electrical isolation


Digital outputs

2x DO



Electrical isolation


Short-circuit protection

Yes, 1 A


10 Hz

Analog inputs

2x AI (0 .. 10 V or 0 … 20 mA can be selected)



Electrical Insulation


Ordering data:

Product name

Article number

SIMATIC IOT2000 input/output module


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