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PROFINET Bus Analyzer

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The PROFINET Bus Analyzer (BANY) enables the validation, analysis and ongoing diagnosis of simple, high-availability PROFINET networks.

Product description
Bus Analyzer is the analysis tool for Ethernet/PROFINET network monitoring and diagnostics. It consists of a hardware component (BANY Analyzer Agent and XM400) and a Windows application (BANY Scope) that communicate with each other via an Ethernet connection specially provided for that purpose. The application is used to control and configure the hardware (triggers, filters, start. stop etc.), and to download recorded data and statistics to the analysis computer and interpret, display and store it there. There is also an option to save network traffic on an event-controlled basis for predefined events.
 BANY Flyer - 04/2017 (433,0 KB).

1. BANY PROFINET Analyzer Agent
The BANY Agent hardware can be permanently integrated into the network for permanent system monitoring. In the event of a fault, it can even be used retroactively via a SCALANCE TAP104 or as a "Functional Extender" on SCALANCE XM-400 switches for diagnostics during operation of the system (provided that the suitable firmware of the BANY XM400 is available). Disconnection or interruption of the network in question is thus avoided. Errors are analyzed quickly, making tedious reproduction attempts unnecessary. BANY Agent enables the repercussion-free extraction and evaluation of the entire telegram interexchange online in real time. Thanks to two integrated Test Access Points (TAP), redundant PROFINET networks can also be evaluated.

Recommended products:
9AE4140-1BA00                      BANY PROFINET Analyzer Agent without TAP
9AE4140-1BA01                      BANY PROFINET Analyzer Agent with TAP

2. BANY PROFINET Analyzer XM400
In addition to network monitoring, the high-end BANY PROFINET Analyzer XM400 allows a time-saving and effective validation of the PROFINET network that is documented under consistent quality conditions and can be used as proof of quality, as a supplement to delivery documents or to reproducibly provide evidence of network stability. The saved test profiles facilitate reuse of the test conditions and also serve as a comparison basis for the results of the validation or short test.
The network validation is supported by a wizard, which includes step-by-step instructions, making detailed knowledge of Ethernet networks and PROFINET unnecessary. This saves you valuable time for commissioning and for preparation of recurring documentation of the PROFINET network quality.

Recommended products:
9AE4140-2AA01                     BUS ANALYZER XM400 + PN. VAL. (2 YEARS)
9AE4140-2AA00                     BANY PROFINET ANALYZER XM400 and one of the following license options:

Figure 01
Ordnering data
ProductArticle number

BANY PROFINET Analyzer Agent without TAP

BANY PROFINET Analyzer Agent without integrated TAP for 2-channel PROFINET (100 Mbit) or Ethernet (1000Mbit) diagnostics, USB interface  


BANY PROFINET Analyzer Agent with TAP

BANY PROFINET Analyzer Agent, 2-channel integrated TAP for repercussion-free PROFINET diagnostics (100Mbit), Ethernet diagnostics (1000Mbit), 2-channel, DI/DO input/output, USB interface 



BANY PROFINET Analyzer XM400, 2-channel integrated TAP for repercussion-free PROFINET diagnostics (100Mbit), Ethernet diagnostics (1000Mbit) 4-channel, functional Extender Interface, 4x SFP slot, signal generator, DI/DO input/output, USB interface

BANY PROFINET Validation License (2-year)

BANY PROFINET Validation License (2-year) for BANY PROFINET Analyzer XM400, Floating License for 1 user for a 2-year period, License Key on USB dongle, runs on
WIN 7 / WIN 10


BANY PROFINET Validation License (unlimited)

BANY PROFINET Validation License (unlimited duration) for BANY PROFINET Analyzer XM400, Floating License for 1 user with unlimited duration, License Key on USB dongle, runs on WIN 7 / WIN10 


Ordering option / Bundle (at a special price)

BUS ANALYZER XM400 + PN. VAL. (2-year) consisting of 9AE4140-2AA00 + 6DL8914-0AX00-0CB5



Further Information

Firmware compatibility and digital signature (encryption)

 Firmware versionBANY PROFINET Analyzer Agent without TAP (9AE4140-1BA00) BANY PROFINET Analyzer Agent with TAP (9AE4140-1BA01)  BANY PROFINET Analyzer XM400 (9AE4140-2AA00)XM400 Switch Extender Interface Support Digital signature Remarks 
 V1.04.00x Last FW version without digital signature. 
 V1.04.06DSExFW with functional extensions and digital signature enabler.
Downgrade to V1.04.00 not possible!
 V1.04.06Functional extensions identical to V1.04.06.
Needed to run from higher versions on V1.04.06.
Downgrade to V1.04.00 not possible! 
 V1.05.09   Functional extensions.
Downgrade to 1.04.06 possible!


Firmware V1.04.06DSE (Digital Signature Enabler)
 Registrierung notwendig  BANY PROFINET Analyzer Agent without TAP (9AE4140-1BA00) (11,6 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  BANY PROFINET Analyzer Agent with TAP (9AE4140-1BA01) (11,7 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  BANY PROFINET Analyzer XM400 (9AE4140-2AA00) (14,6 MB)

Firmware V1.04.06

Firmware V1.05.09

Changelog PROFINET Analyzer Agent/XM400:
BANY PROFINET Analyzer Agent ohne TAP (9AE4140-1BA00)
BANY PROFINET Analyzer Agent mit TAP (9AE4140-1BA01)
BANY PROFINET Analyzer XM400 (9AE4140-2AA00)

 Firmware version Changes
  • No automatic start of Live list / cycle analysis at restart (configurable with BANY Scope).
  • Minor troubleshooting and error correction.
  • Security/Encryption: Modification of the firmware for handling digital signatures.

This version is required if you want the ability to upgrade to higher FW versions in the future. At the same tinme, it is no longer possible to return to an older version.

  • Optimization of the packet generator functionality.
  • Live list: Detection of redundancy loss or redundancy switchover.
  • Version specification:

This firmware is functionally identical to V1.04.06 and is also indicated as such.

  •  Security/Encryption: Upgrade requires a signed firmware on the target device.

This version and all subsequent versions require that a digitally signed version of the firmware is already present on the target device. If not, version V1.04.06DSE can be used once per device.

  • Optimization of the packet generator functionality.
  • Live list: Detection of redundancy loss or redundancy switchover.
  • Version specification:

This firmware is functionally identical to V1.04.06DSE.

BANY PROFINET Analyzer XM400 (9AE4120-2AA00)

 Firmware versionModification 
  • Security/Encryption

Upgrade requires a signed firmware on the target device, see also FW V1.04.06.

  • Web server funtionality removed for security reasons (no assigned function previously).
  • Simultaneous network recording on 8 RJ45 ports possible (e.g. simultaneous use of Live List on TAP1 and TAP2 and the packet generator on ports 1, 2, 3 and 4).
  • Function Extender Interface for SCALANCE XM400 Switches deactivated. If this functionality is still needed, FW V1.04.06 must be used.
  • Support of the network validation function (validation wizard).
  • Live list: Settable alarms for high limit of network load.
  • Minor troubleshooting and error correction. 


2. BANY Scope
The BANY Scope software enables access to several BANY PROFINET Analyzer Agents / XM400 in the installed networks of a plant (PROFINET or Ethernet) and thus detailed analysis of them. This makes it possible to rapidly identify and eliminate error sources in the PROFINET networks from any part of the plant. The quality of the network can be quickly determined and evaluated by means of main characteristic values (network load, telegram error, jitter, etc.).

PROFINET network validation
In addition, BANY Scope, in combination with the BANY PROFINET Analyzer XM400, was designed for validation of the PROFINET planning and commissioning guidelines. Stress tests with differently simulated network loads can be performed in a partially automated manner with the signal generator. In this way, potential weak points can be identified and eliminated before the productive phase. With this you can ensure that the availability of your system will meet your high standards from the very start – all in the shortest possible time and with minimum effort.

To use BANY Scope the following software components must be installed:
  • PRONETA V2.6 (Siemens AG)
  • CodeMeter V6.81 (Wibu Systems AG)
  • WinPcap V4.3.1 (Freeware)


Software V1.61.01
 Registrierung notwendig BANY Scope V1.61.01 (88,3 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  BANY Scope - Online Help (5,5 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig BANY Scope - License terms and open source software (121,5 MB)

Software V2.0.26
 Registrierung notwendig  BANY Scope V2.0.26 (36,3 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig   BANY Scope V2.0.x - Online Help.chm (incl. network validation (draft version)) (5,4 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  BANY Scope V2.0.x - License terms and open source software (196,5 MB) 

Third party software for BANY Scope
 Registrierung notwendig  PRONETA V2.6 (Freeware, Siemens AG) (39,0 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  WinPcap V4.1.3 (Freeware) (873,8 KB)
 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle  CodeMeter V6.81 (Wibu Systems AG) (39,6 MB) also available at www.wibu.com 

BANY Scope Changelog

 Software versionAction / change log 
 V1.61.01 Adaption to firmware V1.04.xx
  • PROFINET network validation / validation wizard in combination with BANY
    PROFINET Analyzer XM400, FW V1.05.09.
  • Overview dialog at program start removed.
  • Statistics: Extension of network load for individual communication protocols.
  • Live list: Settable alarms for high limit of network load.
  • Live list: Detection of redundancy loss or redundancy switchover.
  • Optimization of the scan operation.

The validation is rounded off with the free PRONETA software, which automatically scans and clearly documents the topology, configuration and performance parameters of a PROFINET network: www.siemens.de/proneta.

Figure 02

Special features
The multiple functions of the bus analyzer are implemented in individual modules. The modular structure allows target-oriented localization of error sources and the detection of weak points long before problems occur. The following modules are available for this:

  • The telegram recording on internal or external memory media (USB) with exact time stamping
    (resolution 10 ns):
    • Comprehensive trigger functions for filtering the recorded data.

    • Interface to Wireshark and other export functions for detailed telegram analysis.

  • The PROFINET analysis automatically detects all relevant bus parameters (number of telegrams, bus cycles, etc.) online in real time and displays them in tables and graphically.

  • The packet generator for performing offline and online stress tests (measurement of the telegram run time, analysis of PROFINET RT and IRT with different network load factors).

  • Device lists to display device names, IP addresses, MAC addresses, device status, events, interruptions, and failures.

  • Online value tracking allows the user to extract and record any sizes and values of the communication partners from the telegram interexchange in real time and without affecting the actual communication capacity itself.

  • Control of all functions via script or a remoting interface (Ethernet, TCP) is possible.

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