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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109745978, Entry date: 11/26/2018

Delivery release for SIMOCODE pro V – innovated current/voltage measuring modules – new look in titanium gray!

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The SIMOCODE pro V motor management system has been available since April 2017 with innovated current/voltage measuring modules. A new look of the complete SIMOCODE pro portfolio followed in October 2017.

Why was this product developed?

The demand for energy management systems and greater transparency with regard to energy consumption currently abounds in all energy-intensive sectors of industry. As part of this demand, users would like to incorporate as much equipment that already exists and/or is required anyway into the system as possible as a data supplier. For devices such as the SIMOCODE pro motor management system, this means that in addition to the motor control and protective function, we will play an even bigger role in the provision of motor data in the future. Of relevance to this are, on the one hand, suitable communication protocols, e.g. OPC UA, and on the other, of course, the reliability and accuracy of the electric motor data acquired.
The innovated current/voltage measuring modules enable us to achieve a high degree of measuring accuracy and an extremely wide measuring range simultaneously. This enables SIMOCODE pro, in addition to its role as an actuator for motor control, to fulfil its role as a sensor for motor data even better.

Key data of the innovated current/voltage measuring modules:

Start of delivery was at the end of April 2017:

  • Improved measuring accuracy for all measured values;

  • Measurement inaccuracy, current: +/-1.5%; voltage: +/-1.5%; cos phi: +/-1.5%; apparent power: +/-3%; active power/energy: +/-5%

  • Improved ground-fault detection with adjustable warning and tripping thresholds for additional protection of the monitored motor

  • Reduced device depth in current ranges up to 115 A

  • Standard mounting rail repetition on the front of the device for compact system configuration (= stacked configuration consisting of measuring module/basic unit or measuring module/contactor)

  • Frequency f as a new measured variable

  • Decoupling module no longer required

  • Better performance in measured value acquisition

  • as today: wide current range for current measurement up to 630 A without intermediate transformer

The introduction of the measuring modules opens up a change to the titanium gray enclosure color for the SIMOCODE pro portfolio. This will ensure a harmonious appearance with the SIRIUS components. Alongside the change to titanium gray, minor upgrades also find their way into the SIMOCODE portfolio:

  • Less limitations to the maximum system configuration of SIMOCODE pro V Profibus*) devices – in future, up to five expansion modules can always be connected.

  • In future, Profibus device parameters can also be changed via the operator panel with display (titanium gray). The functionality of SIMOCODE pro V Profibus*) devices has been adapted to match the Profinet devices.

    To benefit from this feature a dark gray operator panel with display or a light gray operator panel with display of version E10 (3UF7210-1AA00-0) or E02 (3UF7210-1BA00-0) is required (both available since August 2017).

*) for versions 3UF7010-1A.00-0 –ZB01 during the transitional period (see below)

For SIMOCODE pro V Modbus RTU those upgrades are possible from version E03 onwards. This has been available since April 2018 with the article number 3UF7012-1A.00-0-ZB01.

Key data for the color change to titanium gray:

All SIMOCODE pro basic units, expansion modules, measuring modules (20-200 A and 63-630 A) including decoupling module and door adapter were changed to titanium gray in October 2017.
Excluded of the color change are the old current/voltage measuring modules with the current ranges 0.3-3 A, 2.4-25A, 10-100A, the addressing plug and the connection cables.

Ordering data:

Current/voltage measuring modules:

3UF71101AA010 Current/voltage measuring module V2; 0.3 – 4 A; 690 V; straight-through transformer

3UF71111AA010 Current/voltage measuring module V2; 3 – 40 A; 690 V; straight-through transformer

3UF71121AA010 Current/voltage measuring module V2; 10 – 115 A; 690 V; straight-through transformer

3UF71131AA010 Current/voltage measuring module V2; 20 – 200 A; 690 V; straight-through transformer

3UF71131BA010 Current/voltage measuring module V2; 20 – 200 A; 690 V; busbar connection

3UF71141BA010 Current/voltage measuring module V2; 63 – 630 A; 690 V; busbar connection

The innovated current/voltage measuring modules require the

3UF7010-1A.00-0-ZB01 SIMOCODE pro V PB basic units (titanium gray end of April 2017 onwards) or the
3UF7011-1A.00-0           SIMOCODE pro V PN basic units from release version E10 (available from October 2017 onwards) or the 3UF7012-1A.00-0-ZB01 SIMOCODE pro V Modbus RTU basic units from release version E03 (since  April 2018) or the 3UF7013-1A.00-0 SIMOCODE pro V EtherNet/IP basic units.  

Release of the devices for China (CCC-approval) was done in August 2017. The NEPSI-certification has been available since November 2018. Details about phase out of the previous current/voltage measuring modules can be found here 109760431

The SIMOCODE ES V14 software with service pack 1 is required for the configuration of the innovated current/voltage measuring modules. This is available under the following link: 109745869

In the event of a replacement, the innovated current/voltage measuring modules can be used in place of the current current/voltage measuring modules, however in this instance only the current range of functions will be available.

Please note: In case of set current between 2.4 and 3.0 A the smallest module 3UF71101AA010 (current range 0.3-4 A) has to be used.

As for the basic units for the innovated current/voltage measuring modules, it is important to order the SIMOCODE pro V Profibus/Modbus devices  with the expansion ZB01 (Z – B – zero – one) within the transitional until 12.2018 (Modbus ca. until 09.2019).
3UF7010-1AB00-0-ZB01/3UF7012-1AB00-0 ZB01  SIMOCODE pro V PB/MR basic unit; US: 24 V DC; titanium gray; CCC/NEPSI and marine certifications available.
3UF7010-1AU00-0-ZB01/3UF7012-1AU00-0ZB01  SIMOCODE pro V PB/MR basic unit; US: 110 – 240 V AC/DC; titanium gray; CCC/NEPSI and marine certifications available.

Color change to titanium gray:

The change in color to titanium gray will not affect the MLFBs, apart from a few exceptions.

There will be changes to the MLFBs for the operator panel with display and memory module – in these cases, new MLFBs will be additionally created in order to make it possible to specifically choose between titanium gray/light gray during the changeover period.

The following ordering numbers are available from August 2017:

3UF7210-1AA01-0 operator panel with display for SIMOCODE PRO V; EN/DE/FR/…; titanium gray
3UF7210-1BA01-0 operator panel with display for SIMOCODE PRO V; EN/CN/RU/KO; titanium gray
3UF7901-0AA01-0 memory module for parameter assignment of SIMOCODE pro S/pro V; titanium gray
3UF7900-0AA01-0: memory module for parameter assignment of SIMOCODE pro C; titanium gray

For orientation (applies roughly until the end of 2018 / for Modbus until September 2019):

In what cases do the SIMOCODE pro V PB/MR basic units have to be ordered with extension -ZB01)

  • If the devices are intended for use with the new current/voltage measuring modules.

Target countries:
All countries

Target sectors:
All target sectors of SIMOCODE pro: Water/wastewater; chemicals; oil/gas; petrochemicals; mining and metal; energy: cement; pharmaceuticals; glass; paper, etc.

Logistical restrictions:
Start of delivery for the new measuring modules was at the end of April 2017. The operator panels with display that support the new measuring modules plus the ti-gray memory modules have been available since August 2017 and the general color change to titanium gray were realised in October 2017.

Standards and certificates:
All requested certificates are available.

Security information
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