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Service Pack 1 for WinCC V7.4 and WinCC V7.4 ASIA

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Downloading Service Pack 1 for WinCC V7.4 and WinCC V7.4 ASIA

Please also take note of all information on Service Pack 1 for WinCC V7.4 in the delivery release under the ID 109745983

Customers with a valid Software Update Service contract for WinCC will automatically receive Service Pack 1 on DVD or via download.

We offer customers without a Software Update Service contract the following options for obtaining a copy:

  1. Ordering from your Siemens representative
    You can order a DVD with Service Pack 1 for WinCC V7.4from your Siemens representative. You will need the following reference number to do so: S79220-B8096-P.
  2. Free download
    We also offer a free download, however please take into account the file size.

    WinCC V7.4 SP1 download:
    The Service Pack will be supplied as a split WinZip archive. Download the five files to a directory on your WinCC PC and then execute the WinCC_V7_4_SP1.exe file.

    To confirm that you are authorized to download this free upgrade, please state the license number of your basic WinCC V7.4 product (RT, RC or Client). For details of the license number valid for your product, please refer to the Automation License Manager (ALM).

Registrierung notwendig WinCC_V7_4_SP1.exe (2.7 MB)

Registrierung notwendig WinCC_V7_4_SP1.001 (1.9 GB)

Registrierung notwendig WinCC_V7_4_SP1.002 (1.9 GB)

Registrierung notwendig WinCC_V7_4_SP1.003 (1.9 GB)

Registrierung notwendig WinCC_V7_4_SP1.004 (905.7 MB)