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SIMIT UNIT PN/PB - Online help, change log and current software/firmware

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The technical documentation, change logs and current software and firmware downloads for the SIMIT UNIT PN / PB at a glance.

From 08/2017 onwards Simulation Unit (PN) / PROFIBUS (PB) have been renamed. With immediate effect they are now called SIMIT UNIT PN / PB. The current software and firmware for SIMIT UNIT PN / PB are compatible with Simulation Unit (PN) / PROFIBUS (PB). This does not apply to the firmware of SIMBA PROFIBUS and SIMBA PNIO.

1 Documentation/Manual
  Operating Instructions (1,0 MB)
  System Manual (9,3 MB)

2 Installation instructions for software updates of the SIMIT UNIT PN / PB

Software Update / Installation on Engineering PC:
  1. Unpack the file "SIMULATIONUnit_Vx.x_Setup.zip" on your Engineering computer.

  2. Start the installation dialog by executing the unpacked "exe" file.

  3. If an installation already exists, this is replaced by the newer version.   

3 Current software versions

Software versionDownload file

See EntryID 109758734, only with use of a License Dongle 

Simulation Unit V9.1 Upd1 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle SIMULATIONUnit V9.1 Upd1 (91,2 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig SHA256 Hash Code 
4 SIMIT UNIT software change log

Software version


V10See Entry ID 109758734
V9.1 Upd1Adaptation to the network scan, import, edit function and open large project.
V9.1New program version Compatible with SIMIT V9.1, support of ET200SPHA, of CFU. Analog OPC values can also be called Support of simulation at 2 switch ports for PN. XML import interface. New alarm concept for PROFIBUS.
older versionsSee entry ID 109475344, section 4
5 Firmware update instructions for SIMULATIONUnit software (all versions)
When a firmware update is performed. it must always be updated to the latest version available for the respective article number. The previous versions of the firmware are only intended as a backup to enable you to downgrade to the original version. The latest firmware version in each case is valid for all versions of this article number.

  1. Unpack the file "SUpnio xxx Vx.x.xx.xx".
  2. In the SIMULATIONUnit, click "System" in the portal view.
  3. Click "Scan Network" and "Browse Network".
  4. Select your SIMIT UNIT from the list.
  5. Click "Firmware Update" twice.
  6. Select the unpacked "*.upd" file and confirm with "OK".
  7. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

  1. Unpack the file "SUpb V2.xxx.xx".
  2. In the SIMULATIONUnit, click "System" in the portal view.
  3. Click "Scan Network" and "Browse Network".
  4. Select your SIMIT UNIT from the list.
  5. Click "Firmware Update" twice.
  6. Select the unpacked "*.upd" file and confirm with "OK".
  7. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

6 Firmware Update-instruction for Software SIMIT from V10.0 on

  1. Select the "SU management" command from the "Options" menu.
  2. The "SU management" dialog box opens. A search for reachable SIMIT Units is automatically started in the network.
  3. Select the desired SIMIT Unit.
  4. Click "Firmware update".
  5. Select the firmware file.
7 Current firmware versions
SIMIT UnitDownload file
SIMIT UNIT PB  Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle SUpb_V2.010.02 (8,0 MB) 
 Registrierung notwendig SHA256 Hash Code 
SIMIT UNIT PN 128  Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle SUpnio_128_V2.1.00.48 (9,3 MB) 
 Registrierung notwendig SHA256 Hash Code 
SIMIT UNIT PN 256 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle SUpnio_256_V2.1.00.48 (9,3 MB) 
 Registrierung notwendig SHA256 Hash Code

Open source licenses for firmware:  Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle  OSS licenses (243,0 MB)

8 SIMIT UNIT PN firmware change log

Firmware version


V x., various fixes
V x. with SIMIT V10 High precision Timestamp for  ET200SPHA, Optimization for cyclic communication via UDP, for IRT, for the support of Y-Switch, for Redundancy S2 and R1.
V x.
Optimization of cyclic communication via UDP.
V x. SIMIT UNIT PN FW version: Name change, support of R1 redundancy, support of simulation at 2 CPU switch ports for PN, substitute values on CPU Stop, module state read back to simulation . Support of digital hardware interrupts
older versions See entry ID 109475344, section 7 
9SIMIT UNIT PB firmware change log
Firmware versionBehavior/changes
V2.010.02Encryption, support of dataset 2 for Asi module (6GK7 343-2AH00-0XA0), dataset communication extended for slaves behind Y-Link or DP/PA link, various fixes
V2.009.03Upgrade for Profisafe Features (Profisafe V1, some PCS7 Drivers). Compatible with SIMIT V10.
Support for Profisafe V2.6, adaptation in case of failsafe.
V2.008.01New SIMIT UNIT PB FW version: Name change, new alarm concept, various fixes
older versionsSee entry ID 109475344, section 8 

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