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Here you can find the SINAMICS V90 PROFINET firmware.

Firmware update instructions

The firmware updating process please referes to document: SINAMICS V90 servo drive Firmware update process 
  V90_firmware__update__process_for_end_user.pdf (221,6 KB) 

SINAMICS V90 PROFINET firmware version v1.04.02

Firmware version V1.04.02  
 Firmware download Registrierung notwendig  SINAMICS_V90PN_04743536_01040201.zip (10,2 MB) 

What is new?

  • V90 PN In-Position signal (INP) missing issue is solved which happens sporadically
  • V90 PN LED "RDY" can flash alternatively at 2 Hz when drive is identified via Ethernet interface 

If above updates are required, please upgrade firmware to V1.04.02.

SINAMICS V90 PROFINET firmware version v1.04.01

Firmware version V1.04.01  
 Firmware download Registrierung notwendig  SINAMICS_V90PN_04743530_01040102.zip (10,2 MB)
 List of faults and alarms Registrierung notwendig  Alarm_list_SINAMICS_V90_PN.zip (1,3 MB) 

List of faults and alarms

The "alarm list_*.xml" files are not necessary for the correct operation of the firmware and the associated commissioning tool. They only include an export of the "Alarm messages" text.

Customers occasionally request these exported texts so that they can further process them in their own applications or integrate them in external devices. As a consequence, as far as the V90 PN product is concerned, no additional support can be guaranteed here.

What is new?

SINAMICS V90 PN EPos functionality extension:

  • Automatically reverse the direction of searching reference point when reversing cam (e.g. Hardware limit switch) is detected. 2 optional reversing cams are available in reference mode "Reference cam (Signal REF) and encoder zero mark" and "Encoder zero mark only".
    • If referencing under telegram 111 and reversing cam is activated, please ensure that STOP cam is disable, which is executed by POS_STW2.15 (1 -> 0).
    • If referencing under telegram 7, 9, 110 and reversing cam is activated, it is not necessary to disable STOP cam.

Example: reversing cam in "Reference cam (signal REF) and encoder zero mark"
  • EPos reference point coordinate value(p2599) can be adjusted with PLC cyclically by new customized PZD (User2), which can help to update axis position to drive after power on, referencing and adjustment. The activation of cutomized PZD13 ~14 for EPos reference point coordinate value as below:
  • In V-Assistant, select main telegram 110 or 111 and supplymentary teleragm (p8864) set to 999. Customized PZD 13~14 is activated via p29152.
  • In TIA Portal, select main telegram 110 or 111 and supplymentary telegram 750. Then customized PZD 13~14 can be attached in telegram 750 and transmitted from controller to drive. 

Customized PZD 13~14 (User2) for EPos reference point coordinate value
  • DI triggered by external and DO command to external can be controlled by PROFINET via telegram 111. It can benifit the application which PLC is far away from drive and external components like sensor, switch and relay and can save I/O in PLC.
    • DI signals triggered by external components can be transmitted from drive to PLC by “user defined PZD send - DI status" by PROFINET.
    • DO signals to control external components can be transmitted from PLC to drive by “user defined PZD receive - Update DO status” by PROFINET.

Setting of digital inputs and outputs as undefined and new user defined PZD receive “Update DO status”

SINAMICS V90 PN System reliability optimization:

  • Improved thermal protection for SIMOTICS 1FL6 low inertia motor to protect motor running at overload condition.
  • Improved encoder momery protection to prevent conruption from weak connection of encoder and in combination with EMC disturbance.
  • Fix holding torque failure in travel to fixed stop if one button tuning is executed before travel to fixed stop.
  • Fix PROFINET communication setting incl. IP address and station name issue after power Off/On to ensure PROFINET communication smoothly. 
  • A new parameter p1433 is introduced to help to set the speed controller reference model natural frequency based on mechanism manually.
  • A new parameter p1981 is introduced to help to set the maximum distance manually when carrying out the pole position identification routine.

Compatibility of commissioning tools

V-Assistant 1.06.02

  • The new features have been fully integrated into SINAMICS V-Assistant V1.06.02. Please refer to 10973838

TIA Portal HSP 0185

  • SINAMICS V90 PN FW V1.04.01 has been fully integrated into TIA Portal V16 HSP 0185 V1.0 and TIA Portal V15.1 HSP 0185 V3.0. 

Here you can find the compatibility relationships between TIA Portal HSP 0185 and V90 PN firmware.Please refer to 72341852 

Version Support SINAMICS Firmware 
 TIA Portal V16 HSP 0185 V1.0V1.04, V1.03, V1.02, V1.01, V1.00
 TIA Portal V15.1 HSP 0185 V3.0
V1.04, V1.03, V1.02, V1.01, V1.00

SINAMICS V90 PROFINET firmware verion v1.03.00

Firmware version v1.03.00  
 Firmware download  Registrierung notwendig  Sinamics_V90PN_04743518_01030005.zip (10,2 MB) 
 List of faults and alarms  Registrierung notwendig  alarmlist_v90pn_v1030005.zip (1,3 MB) 

 What is new?
  • Supplementary telegram 750 for torque control is supported. The supplementary telegram can be used together with the standard main telegram, e.g. telegram 102 or 3 in conjunction with supplementary telegram 750 can extend the control words and status words as follows.
    • Additional torque set-point and torque limiting from controller to drive: Friction, inertia and acceleration torque compensation can be realized with this round upgrade, especially in Wind & Unwind branch. Meanwhile, It improves servo system dynamic performance in application aspects.
    • Actual torque feedback from drive to controller:  It can be used to realize Collision Detection or Feel the Torque function in handling machine.
  • Torque control mode is available which can be enabled by STW1.14. Torque set-point can be specified via telegram 750
  • Feedforward setting adaption to motor types: Speed and torque feed forward setting are automatically adapted according to motor inertia types, for example, speed feed forward is activated for low inertia by default while not activated for high inertia. It optimizes the adaptivity of auto tuning.
  • A new parameter p927 is introduced to lock all parameters in order to prevent from unexpected parameter changing. 

Compatibility of commissioning tools 

The new features have been fully integrated intoTIA Portal V15 HSP 0185 V3.0. Here you can find the compatibility relationships between TIA Portal HSP 0185 and V90 PN firmware.Please refer to 72341852 

Version Support SINAMICS Firmware 
 TIA Portal V15 HSP 0185 V3.0V1.03, V1.02, V1.01
 TIA Portal V15 HSP 0185 V1.0
V1.02, V1.01
 TIA Portal V14 HSP 0185 V2.0V1.01 

The new features have been fully integrated into SINAMICS V-Assistant V1.05.04. Please refer to 109738387

SINAMICS V90 PROFINET firmware verion v1.02.00

Firmware version v1.02.00 
Firmware download  Registrierung notwendig  Sinamics_V04743514_V90PN_V1020005.zip (10,3 MB) 
List of faults and alarms  Registrierung notwendig  alarmlist_v90pn_v1020003.zip (1,3 MB) 

What is new?

  • Faults and alarms files are provided.
  • Fix an issue of  firmware update for a brand-new drive which may result in PROFINET interface not working has been optimized.

  • Support SIMOTICS S-1FL6 low inertia motor with absolute multi-turn encoder. Note: The motor types is not release yet.
  • Fine resolution of the incremental and absolute position is adjustable
Add 2 parameters p29418 and p29419 to set the fine resolution in bits of the incremental position and absolute position actual values. The encoder absolute value G1_STW2 (be requested via PROFIdrive G1STW.13) comprises 3 parts: encoder pulses per revolution (fixed with 2048 in SINAMCIS V90 with an absolute encoder), fine resolution per revolution (p29419), and Number of resolvable revolutions of the rotary absolute encoder. The effective resolution is 2048 × 2^p29419. 
Note: The encoder absolute position value G1_STW2 is limited to 2^32 bits.
  • Braking resistor alarm A52901 is configured
Alarm A52901 which indicates capacity of internal braking resistor reached the threshold  can be deactivated via a new parameter p29360. e,g. an external braking resistor is configured
  • Message type Fault / Alarm can be configured.
The message type e.g. Fault / Alarm / No message can be adjusted via parameters (p2118, p2119).
Please refer to SINAMCIS V90 Operating Instructions Edition 2018/04 in detail.

SINAMICS V90 PROFINET firmware verion v1.01.00

Firmware version v1.01.00  
Firmware download  Registrierung notwendig  Sinamics_V04743509_V90_PN_V1010006.zip (11,9 MB) 

What is new?

  • Support additional 4 types of SIMOTICS S-1FL6 high inertia motor shaft height SH65  with argular connector
  • “Positioning tracking mode” can be used to to generate a virtual multi-turn encoder value from a single-turn encoder

SINAMICS V90 PROFINET firmware verion v1.00.03

Firmware version v1.01.00  
Firmware download  Registrierung notwendig  Sinamics_V90PN_firmware_01000303.zip (10,2 MB) 

New expanded functionality and improvement updates since SINAMICS V90 PROFINET firmware verion v1.00.03 please refer to 109746077 
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