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SINAMICS V90 Pulse train, USS/Modbus (PTI) firmware

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Here you can find the SINAMICS V90 Pulse train, USS/Modbus (PTI) firmware.

Firmware update instructions

The firmware updating process please refers to document: SINAMICS V90 servo drive Firmware update process:

  V90_firmware__update__process_for_end_user.pdf (221,6 KB)

SINAMICS V90 Pulse train, USS/Modbus (PTI) firmware version V1.11.01

Firmware version V1.11.01
Firmware download Registrierung notwendig  Sinamics_V90_PTI_04743525_01110100.zip (8,5 MB)

What is new?

  • A new control mode "Fast PTI control" is introduced, which improves PTI positioning response 70%. This control mode is dedicated for applications which required high dynamic response, e.g. high speed labeling and electronics.
  • One button tuning function is optimized to achieve better dynamic response and a new paramter p1433 is introduced to help to set speed controller reference model natural frequency.

SINAMICS V90 Pulse train, USS/Modbus (PTI) firmware version V1.10.00

Firmware version V1.10.00
Firmware download Registrierung notwendig  Sinamics_V90_PTI_04743518_01100005.zip (8,5 MB) 

What is new?

  • Feedforward setting adaption to motor types: Speed and torque feed forward setting are automatically adapted according to motor inertia types, for example, speed feed forward is activated for low inertia by default while not activated for high inertia. It optimizes the adaptivity of auto tuning.
  • A new parameter p927 is introduced to lock all parameters in order to prevent from unexpected parameter changing.

SINAMICS V90 Pulse train, USS/Modbus (PTI) firmware version V1.09.00

Firmware version V1.09.00
Firmware download Registrierung notwendig  Sinamics_V90_PTI_04743512_01090003.zip (8,6 MB)

What is new?

  • Braking resistor alarm A52901 can be configured.
    Alarm A52901 which indicates capacity of internal braking resistor reached the threshold  can be deactivated via a new parameter p29360. e.g. an external braking resistor is configured.
  • Support SIMOTICS S-1FL6 low inertia motor with absolute multi-turn encoder. Note: The motor types is not release yet.
  • The default setting of dynamic following error monitoring tolerance (p2546) is changed to 30% of one revolution for all encoder, while it's fixed to 3000 LU independed with different encoder types in previous firmware version.
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