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The central software package for the configuration, commissioning, operation, and diagnosis of SIMOCODE pro.

As of now, SIMOCODE ES V13 is available for download including SP2.

What is new in SIMOCODE ES V13 SP2 compared with SIMOCODE ES V13 SP1?

  • Integration of new hardware (from HSP_0115)

  • SIMOCODE pro V MR (Modbus RTU)
  • SIMOCODE pro V PN FW Version 1.2
  • Operator panel with display (OPD) for languages DE/CN/RU
  • Windows 10 support

  • Further bug fixes and improvements:

  • SIMOCODE ES V14 licenses can be used also for V13
  • SIMOCODE pro S: Compiling is now possible if the current measuring module (IM) has been removed before 
  • SIMOCODE pro S: The related buttons in the commissioning editor dialog “command” are now available if the memory module is present
  • SIMOCODE pro V MR (Modbus RTU): Compiling is now possible if the operator panel with display (OPD) 3UF7 210-1BA00-0 has been configured
  • The online value „Cyclic receive  - byte 2/3 analog value“ is now displayed correctly

Installation notes

The software is offered in the form of the download file SIRIUS_SIMOCODE_ES_V13_SP2.exe. After having unzipped, please read the file ReadmeSCenUS.rtf first and then run the program Start.exe.

 Registrierung notwendig  ReadmeSCenUS.rtf (293,2 KB)

Third-party software - Licensing terms and copyright information

You can find the copyright information for third-party software contained in this product, particularly open source software, as well as applicable licensing terms of such third-party software in the ReadMe_OSS file.

Special information for resellers

The information and the license terms in the ReadMe_OSS file must be passed on to the purchasing party to avoid license infringements by the reseller or purchasing party.

 Registrierung notwendig  Readme_OSS.zip (1000,6 KB)

Download (also contains OSS source code) 

 Registrierung notwendig  SIRIUS_SIMOCODE_ES_V13_SP2.exe (946,8 MB)
SHA-256 checksum:  Registrierung notwendig  Code_SIRIUS_SIMOCODE_ES_V13_SP2.txt (1 KB)
Information about SHA-256: 109483101

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