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Hotfix 2 (HF2) for SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V7-V8 Migration V8.0 + SP1

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Software Hotfix 2 for SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V7-V8 Migration V8.0 + SP1 is now available for download. With this download, an existing installation of SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V7-V8 Migration V8.0 + SP1 can be updated to V8.0 + SP1 + HF2.

Software requirements for SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V7-V8 Migration V8.0 + SP1 + HF2

  • An already installed version of PCS 7 Library V7-V8 Migration V8.0 + SP1 is required for the installation of Hotfix 2 : 90465779
  • The library requires as a minimum SIMATIC PCS7 V8.0.
  • The SIMOCODE ES Premium software is necessary to be able to integrate SIMOCODE pro as an S7 slave.

  • The currently released version of F Systems for PCS 7 is required for programming fail-safe functions using a PROFIsafe module for SIMOCODE pro V.    

New features and alterations as compared with previous versions

What is new as compared with V7.0 SP3?

SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V8 Migration V8.0+SP1+HF2:

  • If after the disconnection of the SIMOCODE pro device a warm restart of the PLC will be executed and the SIMOCODE pro device will be connected back again then the diagnostics block (SMC_DIAG) shows still device failure (QMODF = 1) though the device is fine.       

    This behavior has been changed in this version of the library so the device failure will be reset after device reconnection.

SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V8 Migration V8.0+SP1+HF1:

  •  When a PROFIBUS connection to "SIMOCODE pro" device has been interrupted and the status of the device has been changed (e.g. from RUN to STOP) during the interruption phase, on reconnection of PROFIBUS to the device, the command that has been sent before (e.g. START) the interruption of connection would be sent for one cycle to the "SIMOCODE pro" device again and will be executed by device (e.g. Motor would start).


    This behavior has been fixed in this version of the library. Now the status and commands will be synchronized first before a command will be sent to the device.

  • The newest version of SIMOCODE pro V GSD (V1.5) has been integrated in this version of library.

SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V8 Migration V8.0+SP1:

  • SIMOCODE pro S device will be supported now

  • If synchronously exchanged information (process image) about a problem in the field differed from that of asynchronously exchanged information (data set reading) then sometimes (most probably this error happened if devices have been configured behind Y-Link) the following blocks  SMC_DIR, SMC_REV, SMC_STAR, SMC_REVS, SMC_DAHL, SMC_REVD, SMC_CB, SMC_POS, and SMC_VAL reported an error (QBad = 1) even after the resolving of the problem.  

  • Maximum current value will be updated cyclically now.

  • Calculation of active power has been corrected.

  • Parameter comments for QTx and QUL2/3 parameter in SMC_MEAS have been corrected.

SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V8 Migration V8.0:

  • Support of PCS 7 V8.0 and above versions

  • Block parameter QCST of the SMC_OVL block is now connected to block parameter CST of the SMC_DIAG block by driver wizard it was not the case in previous version 


Steps to be done for updating existing PCS 7 projects

 Steps to be followed:


  1. Open the CFC.

  2. Import an instance of the following blocks
       - SMC_DIAG
    at the project (and delete the same again if not required) to trigger an update process of all the imported instances in the project

  3. Compile AS: With Changes only.

  4. Download AS program: With Changes only

  5. AS stop necessary: No

  6. Compile OS: No

List of changed blocks



Block version

Interface change
(= AS stop necessary)

Code change

Block Update required







Hint: The generation of module driver for basic integration of Simocode pro (APL channel driver block FbSwtMMS will be used) will not work after the installation of “SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V8 Migration”.  Users wanting to have module driver generation for basic integration have to uninstall “SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V8 Migration”.

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