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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109746397, Entry date: 04/10/2017

Delivery release SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller Version V2.1 Standard and Failsafe

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The new version V2.1 extends the functionality of the SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller CPU 1505SP (F) and CPU 1507S (F) extended

Highlights of version V2.1

  • Enhanced IPC platform support for CPU 1507S (F)

    • SIMATIC IPC277E Multitouch

    • SIMATIC IPC477D Pro

    • SIMATIC IPC427E and IPC477E

    • SIMATIC IPC627D, IPC827D and IPC677D now also with CPU 1507S F

  • Download a configuration by file for CPU 1505SP and CPU 1507S (standard only)

    • Export a configuration from STEP 7 to a file

    • Import a configuration using script commands or the PC station menu

  • Reset a configuration for CPU 1505SP F and CPU 1507S F using the PC station menu (already implemented with CPU 1505SP or CPU 1507S)

Basic data

Features CPU 1505SPCPU 1505SP F CPU 1507S CPU 1507S F
Firmware version V2.1V2.1
Work memory for code / data1 MByte /
5 MByte 
1,5 MByte /
5 MByte 
5 MB /
20 MB
7.5 MB /
20 MB
Communication links 88 128
Number of PC communication interfaces supported at the same time13
Number of PROFINET interfaces12 (IPC on-board, Intel i210T)
Of which PN IO controllers with RT / IRT1 / 11 / -
Number of PROFINET IO devices128128
PN IO deviceYesYes
Number of PROFIBUS interfaces11
Number of PROFIBUS DP slaves125 (CM_DP)

64 (CP 5622, IPC on-board)

125 (CP 5623)

Number of available Motion Control resources2400 (corresponds to 30 positioning axes)4800 (corresponds to 60 positioning axes)



The S7-1500 Software Controller CPU 1507S implements the function of an S7-1500 controller as software on a PC with Windows. This enables a SIMATIC IPC to be used for controlling machines or plants.

S7-1500 Software Controllers are also available in a fail-safe version. This version is used to implement the function of fail-safe S7-1500 controllers as software on a SIMATIC IPC system. This enables a SIMATIC IPC to be used for controlling machines or plants in a fail-safe environment as well. With the fail-safe S7-1500 Software Controller, applications that require safety class SIL3 (Safety Integrity Level) according to IEC 61508 2nd Edition or PL e (Performance Level) according to ISO 13849 can be addressed.

To connect distributed I/O via PROFINET or PROFIBUS, the Ethernet and PROFIBUS interfaces of the supported SIMATIC IPC can be used. In addition, an Intel i210T Standard Ethernet interface can be used for PROFINET IO or communication.

The software controller also offers comprehensive closed-loop control functionalities with easy-to-configure blocks, as well as the connection of drives by means of standardized PLCopen blocks.

The software controller shows its particular strengths when special automation functions created with external development tools need to be integrated.
  • Execution of application functions or connection to Windows software developed with the high-level programming languages C or C++.
  • Execution of application functions created with the model-based design tool, Matlab®and SIMULINK®


The S7-1500 Software Controller CPU 1507S implements the function of an S7-1500 CPU as software on a PC with Windows. This enables a PC to be used for controlling machines or plants. The fail-safe software controller CPU 1507S F also allows you to run fail-safe programs for applications that require fail-safe operation.

Configuring and programming with STEP 7 in the TIA Portal (as of version 14 SP1);

  • Programmable according to IEC 61131-3

  • Supported programming languages
    • SCL (including Failsafe)
    • LAD (including Failsafe)
    • FBD
    • STL
    • S7 Graph
  • The STEP 7 Safety Advanced V14 SP1 add-on package is required for configuring applications for safety engineering.
  • Transfer of the configuration as a file (CPU 1507S only). This enables commissioning without the TIA Portal.

Innovative real-time system based on visualization technology

  • The real-time system of the S7-1500 Software Controller enables operation in parallel with and independent of Windows
  • Maximum real-time and deterministic properties
  • Operationally independent of Windows – supports restart of Windows while the controller is in operation
  • Fast startup of the controller independent of Windows
  • High-speed program execution with several priority-controlled execution levels (cyclic, time-controlled, isochronous with PROFINET or PROFIBUS, event-driven via hardware and diagnostic interrupts)

Saving of retentive data

  • The software controller ensures the security of plant data even in the case of a power failure

  • Saving of retentive data on SIMATIC IPC hard disk (UPS required)
  • Saving of retentive data on the NVRAM of the SIMATIC IPC possible during voltage dips


  • The software controller uses the interfaces of the PC for PROFINET and PROFIBUS
  • Windows-independent use of PROFINET or PROFIBUS for operating distributed I/O. The following functions are available depending on the interface hardware used
  • PROFIenergy
  • I-device
  • PROFIBUS DP master
  • Communication (SIMATIC communication, Open User Communication) with Windows applications or external devices over the Windows interfaces of the PC
  • OPC UA Server

    • OPC UA Data Access

    • OPC UA Security

    • Accessible via the PROFINET interfaces of the software controller

Integrated Web server

  • Scanning the CPU via the Web server is supported by all CPUs of the S7-1500 automation system.
  • The CPU Web server offers the following diagnostics options
    • Image of the CPU with LEDs and the current operating state
    • Readout of the diagnostic buffer entries
    • Query of module status
    • Query of current messages
    • Information on the topology status of PROFINET devices
    • Display of CPU traces
  • Transfer and management of user data on the load memory of the CPU
  • User-programmable websites for support of service and commissioning of specific machine functions

Execution of fail-safe programs

  • Execution of fail-safe programs in parallel with the standard user program
  • Programming of the safety-related program section with the "STEP 7 Safety Advanced" add-on package
  • For applications that require safety class SIL3 (Safety Integrity Level) according to IEC 61508 2nd Edition or PL e (Performance Level) according to ISO 13849

Trace functionality

  • The trace function is supported by all CPUs of the S7-1500 automation system. It supports recording of analog and digital variables for each cycle and their representation as a trend with STEP 7
  • This is especially useful for Motion Control or closed-loop control applications

Integrated technology

  • S7-1500 Motion Control
    • PLCopen blocks for programming motion functionality via PROFINET IO and PROFIdrive interface
    • The functionality supports speed-controlled axes, positioning axes, external encoders, cams, cam tracks and measuring inputs.
  • Integrated closed-loop control functionality
    • Universal PID or 3-step controller with integrated optimization and integrated temperature controller

Integrated system diagnostics

  • System diagnostics are automatically generated and displayed via a PG/PC, HMI device, the Web server or the integrated display
  • System diagnostics are also available when the CPU is in STOP mode.
  • If new hardware components are configured, the diagnostic information is updated automatically

Security Integrated

  • Improved know-how protection for the S7-1500 Software Controller in STEP 7
  • Password protection against unauthorized opening of the program blocks with STEP 7 and thus protection against unauthorized copying of, for example, developed algorithms
  • Password protection against unauthorized evaluation of the program blocks using external programs
    • from the STEP 7 project
    • from the PC data medium
    • from program libraries
  • Greater copy protection for S7-1500 Software Controller
    • Individual blocks are linked to the serial number of the IPC (motherboard) or data medium (hard disk / CFast card)
    • Protection against unauthorized copying of program blocks with STEP 7
    • Protection against unauthorized duplication of the configuration on the memory card
  • Greater manipulation protection for S7-1500 Software Controller
    • Digital checksums for improved protection against manipulation of the communication when accessing software controller
    • Protection against network attacks such as infiltration of falsified recorded network communication (replay attacks)
    • Protected transmission of passwords during authentication


The SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controllers can be operated on the following SIMATIC IPC platforms:

CPU 1507S:

  • Box PC: IPCIPC227E,IPC427D, IPC427E, IPC627D, IPC827D
  • Panel PC: IPC277E, IPC477D, IPC477E, IPC677D
  • Rack PC: IPC647D, IPC847D

CPU 1507S F

  • Box PC: IPCIPC227E,IPC427D, IPC427E, IPC627D, IPC827D
  • Panel PC: IPC277E, IPC477D, IPC477E, IPC677D


  • IPC427D and IPC477D are supported as of Core i3 processor
  • On IPC427E and IPC477E Windows 7 Embedded Standard 7 (WES7) are being supported

  • IPC configurations with NVRAM are required for the CPU 1507S F.

Ordering information

The order numbers of the products do not change. Once the products are released, they will be delivered with the new version.

SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller Standard
Article number
CPU 1507S V2.1 [Download]6ES7 672-7AC01-0YG0available
CPU 1507S V2.1 [DVD]6ES7 672-7AC01-0YA0approx. CW15/2017
CPU 1507S V2.1 Upgrade [Download]6ES7 672-7AC01-0YK0available
 CPU 1505SP V2.1 Upgrade [Download]6ES7 672-5DC01-0YK0available

SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller Failsafe
Article number
CPU 1507S FV2.1 [Download]6ES7 672-7FC01-0YG0available
CPU 1507S F V2.1 [DVD]6ES7 672-7FC01-0YA0approx. CW15/2017


  • Existing installations of the software controller CPU 1505SP (F) and CPU 1507S (F) V2.0 can be upgraded for free
  • Existing installations of the software controller CPU 1505S and CPU 1507S (F) V1.8 can be upgraded with the above-listed upgrade product

Upgrade of exsisting Installation of S7-1500 Software Controller V2.0

In order to upgrade an already existing V2.0 Installation please reference against the in the download area made available description and files


To install the Software Controller follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Stopp the Exectuion of the Software Controller and start the PC in the "Windows" operation Mode

  2. Copy the Update file to your IPC

  3. Start the execution of the upgrade file

  4. Prompt the steps of the installation routine

  5. Restart the PC to finalize the installation.

Additional information

Sales information for these new versions will be made available with the sales or delivery release.

Information on existing versions is available in the online media as usual:

Information in the Customer Support Portal


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