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S7UnitTest: Automated testing with SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced

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The S7UnitTest application enables you to automatically test parts of a PLC program with the help of SIMATIC S7 PLCSIM Advanced.

S7UnitTest consists of two tools:

  • S7UnitTest Editor
  • S7UnitTest Application

Der Styleguide Checker shows you, how you can use TIA Portal Openness to check your programming code.

The TIA Portal Test Suite is integrated in TIA Portal and is available now.
In addition to allowing automated checking of adherence to programming guidelines, 
it is also possible to generate and carry out application tests with the virtual S7-PLCSIM Advanced controller.

More information on TIA Portal Test Suite Advanced you will find in the delivery release

The download of the test suite including a 21 day trial license you will find in this download entry


S7UnitTest Editor
With the S7UnitTest Editor Tool, you create and edit a Test Fixture for your PLC program and save it in a S7UnitTest XML file. A Test Fixture consists of Test Cases with individual Test Steps. In the Test Steps, you determine, which PLC tags are to be read or written in a specific program cycle.

S7UnitTest Application
With the S7UnitTest Application, you load the created S7UnitTest XML file and start the tests. The application starts the virtual controller of PLCSIM Advanced for the simulation of the loaded PLC program, accesses the program in the storage of the virtual controller and uses it to perform the tests. The test result is directly displayed in the user interface and additionally stored as XML file.

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