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SIMIT Simulation Platform - Overview

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Direct access to the most important technical information and Solutions about SIMIT Simulation Platform.


Product notes


Sales and delivery release incl. Download: Simulation software SIMIT V10.3
Simulationssoftware SIMIT V10.2 Upd2
Simulation software SIMIT V10.2 Upd1
Simulation software SIMIT V10.2
Simulation software SIMIT V10.1 Upd2
Simulation software SIMIT V10.1
Simulation software SIMIT V10.0 Upd3
HWCN Exporter
SIMIT UNIT PN/PB - Online help, change log and current software/firmware
SIMIT libraries with behavior models of devices and systems
SIMIT Couplings, applicative expansions of the interface

Configurator for the SIMIT portfolio

The configurator for ordering SIMIT products can be found in the Industry Mall. Use the SIMIT configurator to assemble all required components: www.siemens.com/nlm-configurator

Compatibility tool
In order to keep your SIMIT portfolio up to date continuously, please note the information in the Compatibility tool: www.siemens.com/kompatool 

Latest News

  • SIMIT Training
    Information about the SIMIT Training "SIMIT in Discrete Automation Technology": > Training.
  • New licensing model
    New licensing model based on a dongle for Siemens software products 109756822
  • SIMIT V10.3
    Delivery Release for SIMIT V10.3 109800638


You can find an overview of all SIMIT FAQ here.

What can you do if SIMIT does not recognize the license even though the WIBU dongle is slotted?
Which licenses and products can be ordered for the SIMIT V10 product family?
What are the differences between using the SIMIT Virtual Controller and a real CPU?


With the Technical Forum you have a discussion platform where users and experts can exchange experiences and know-how.
German: www.siemens.de/automation/forum
English: www.siemens.com/automation/forum


You can find an overview of all SIMIT manuals here

Selected manuals:

SIMATIC SIMIT Simulation Platform (V10.3)
SIMATIC SIMIT Simulation Platform (V10.2)
SIMATIC SIMIT Simulation Platform (V10.1)
SIMATIC SIMIT Simulation Platform (V10.0)
SIMIT - Component Type Editor
SIMIT - Remote Control Interface (RCI)
Installation of SIMIT MCD Add-in

The video "Integrated engineering with SIMIT, COMOS and SIMATIC PCS 7" shows the workflow between the single systems and gives you an overview about all necessary working steps.
 Integrated Engineering on the basis of COMOS with SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMIT (Video) 


You can find all the trainings offered by SITRAIN here.

Selected trainings:

SITRAIN - SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Control System
SITRAIN - SIMIT for Beginners (Process Automation)
SITRAIN - SIMIT in Discrete Automation Technology for Beginners

Ever-increasing demands require industrial plants to operate at maximum productivity and efficiency. The Industry Services portfolio from Siemens ensures that companies can secure that decisive competitive edge. You can obtain the complete service portfolio here.

SIMATIC PCS 7 Overview

SIMATIC PCS 7 Overview

Direct access to the most important technical information and solutions to PCS 7 in the Industry Online Support.

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