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Image downloads for HMI operator panels

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Download HMI operator panel images.

Operator Panel Images
Operator panel images include the operating system and HMI Runtime for operator panels.
Depending on the version of WinCC (TIA Portal) you can use different image versions.

Interdependency and Compatibility
the Compatibility Tool shows the possible combinations of TIA Portal, operator panels and operator panel image version.

Compatibility Tool

Open Source Software
The Open Source components included are in the ReadMe_OSS.zip. The Zip file contains the ReadMe in different languages.
OpenSourceSoftware.zip contains the source code of these components.
 Registration required  ReadMe_OSS.zip (18.1 MB)
 Registration required  OpenSourceSoftware.zip (6.6 GB)

Comfort Panels, Comfort Panels Outdoor and Comfort Panels INOX

Image versionImage download
V15   Registrierung notwendig  ComfortPanels_V15.0.zip (191,4 MB)  
SHA-256: 63117FDB2BFC7F0E94E1FAFC7642960BD7B237693D1EEA23861474C97BBDE5F7
V14 SP1 Upd. 3  Registrierung notwendig  ComfortPanels_V14.0.1.zip (195,4 MB)  
SHA-256: 879C43D32960D647AC69D4A73286A4229F3E3F76448347677DE0E93A7857B64C
V14  Registration required  ComfortPanels_V14.0.zip (191.5 MB) 
SHA-256: 1F60EB5C09256A8F919C14E7A7EAD5AE9DCF40DF9EC44C92FE1D840B73A19673
Note: 4" Comfort Panel with Upd. 2
V13 SP1 Upd. 9  Registration required  ComfortPanels_V13.0.1.zip (181.4 MB)  
SHA-256: F68334FB2CA0F7486BC72439406DC6E35EF623AF304035E43ADEB07B3176BE4C
Note: Comfort Panels Outdoor without Upd.
V13 Registration required  ComfortPanels_V13.0.zip (99.4 MB) 
SHA-256: D4373769671E0CDD4B83491C538F252D861433FF695134C64799E9AD99B9F482

  Registration required  ComfortPanels_V12.0.zip (88.9 MB)
SHA-256: DDF03892F519F754E0E109A70C253232A9FE81DB6E9F5EA28144E4C2497FD2F4


Updated devices 15" - 22". See following entries

Sales and delivery release for SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panel 15" - 22"
Conversion: SIMATIC HMI COMFORT PANEL 15" - 22"


Image versionImage download
V15 Registration required  ComfortV2Panels_V15.0.zip (73.8 MB)
SHA-256: 40C68526AE1654F1632BDA401CEAD5D8592EACBD1C25D7FFDDC8F3083C6ABD2F
V14 SP1 Registration required  ComfortV2Panels_V14.0.1.zip (75.2 MB) 
SHA-256: BAE049C43EBD2A72B4C6BC6CA56DE3EF1548916861015FC9530F5B4153153092

Comfort Panels PRO

Image versionImage download
V15 Registration required  ComfortPROPanels_V15.0.zip (147.6 MB)
SHA-256: 4343D7F44FC9D710DAB71312DA269EE57EA01B3A52D52F09297A2EC967CFA460
V14 SP1 Registration required  ComfortPROPanels_V14.0.1.zip (150.5 MB)
SHA-256: 1FC7AE5E326E67A498074CE4B2829DE95E550C2D89B2E0DE4C8A555BF1806E71

Mobile Panels 2nd Generation

Image versionImage download
V14 SP1 Upd. 3 Registrierung notwendig  MobilePanels2ndGen_V14.0.1.zip (121,4 MB) 
SHA-256: 08EC6A5B5AF6716E4347BF480A305952A72B0BDB350BABECE0C9F64F55077D68
V14 Upd. 2  Registration required  MobilePanels2ndGen_V14.0.zip (120.5 MB) 
SHA-256: 99F382BDECDDC8D411244A1650850FD49D6FEC8888B7B0E7929BBD2900AD04FC
V13 SP1 Registration required  MobilePanels2ndGen_V13.0.1.zip (117.3 MB) 
SHA-256: A21A14F5C33C90FA7A737649E8A4C4AEEAF02464AAC09D812B95F5EA20B99F03

Mobile Panels 1st Generation

Image versionImage-Download

  Registration required  MobilePanels1stGen_V12.0.zip (78.2 MB)
SHA-256: FC09DBDE1F9273FE80B3BFC7378691321C448C1CDB63E5D3919BB83090C8B4F4

Basic Panels 2nd Generation

Image VersionImage download
V15 Registration required  BasicPanels2ndGen_V15.0.zip (397.6 MB) 
SHA-256: AD179673BE6EEEA86EA16009F4B6FB0C8811C8F82296E0106F8991D0689F34E6
V14 SP1 Registrierung notwendig  BasicPanels2ndGen_V14.0.1.zip (2,1 GB) 
SHA-256: BCA434352E3809EA739A0C1D440C1195F42313EBD00A940FA4734E791A543D2D
Hinweis: KTP700DP, KTP1200 and KTP1200DP Upd. 3; KTP400, KTP700 and KTP900 Upd. 4
V14 Registration required  BasicPanels2ndGen_V14.0.zip (408.4 MB) 
SHA-256: 290AC24C54A2B2A130E0BA2DD9440046107BBE5A2B5A752AA2275E1C86315ED4
V13 SP1 Registration required  BasicPanels2ndGen_V13.0.1.zip (389.1 MB) 
SHA-256: 1D811D94A3F43106F5A53079179F6E33CDBE0A16ECCB01E52ECBC2CFE164B8ED
V13 Registration required  (389.1 MB) Registration required  BasicPanels2ndGen_V13.0.zip (271.0 MB)
SHA-256: D403A2204B9F7FCA8E57DEA0F60E9AE6C3D81E75830F3F9EB212C4D15CCE4C36

Basic Panels 1st Generation

Image versionImage download
V12 Registration required  BasicPanels1stGen_V12.0.zip (33.0 MB)
SHA-256: 1AA62C7DAE00E6BD5C2EAAE31A5D9E0A485B42ABF8E6B3AE3E5B0137596B1DE6

Classic Panels

Image versionImage download
V12  Registration required  ClassicPanels_V12.0.zip (20.9 MB) 
SHA-256: 553F4A26B068BCA696F57D864EC9E036419D4615903EFEDB01792AE665E03D90

Further Information

How do you do an operating system update on operator panels or perform a "Reset to factory settings"?
When upgrading your TIA Portal project to V15 why do you get an error and the message indicating that the HMI device is not supported?

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