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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109746614, Entry date: 04/12/2017

Delivery Release of Extension Units PROFINET for SIMATIC HMI PRO Devices

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In addition to the existing portfolio of Extension Units Hardwired, Extension Units with PROFINET connection are offered effective immediately. They are available for immediate delivery.

The portfolio of the new HMI devices with all-round IP65 protection is being expanded by the Extension Units PROFINET 12"/15"/19"/22". These components enable easy adaptation to individual customer requirements for machine-level operator control and monitoring.

Example for installation of an Extension Unit with operator controls

The new Extension Units for the 16:9 PRO devices are suitable for flexible installation of various operator controls that easily and individually expand the local operating options. They are designed to match the SIMATIC HMI PRO devices and can be easily mounted below them by the customer.

In addition to the classic hardwired version of the Extension Units, we now offer the bus-capable version with PROFINET. With this version, users do not have to spend a lot of time routing cables and do not have to make additional hardware investments for integration of operator controls into the network architecture.

The Extension Units PROFINET are characterized by:

  • Availability in four different sizes for the 12", 15",19" and 22" PRO devices, respectively.

  • Intuitive and easy configuration as of TIA Portal V14

  • 2x Ethernet ports for setup of lines and rings without an external switch (integrated switch)

  • Support of the Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) to increase availability

  • Large selection of operator controls (indicator lights, selection and key switches and emergency stop buttons)

  • Complete flexibility in arranging the operator controls

Thanks to these properties, the Extension Units enable a wide variety of operating scenarios for customers.

As part of the SIMATIC portfolio, the Extension Units are configured in the TIA Portal similar to other automation components from Siemens. With the intuitive, graphical editor and with drag-and-drop, the Extension Units can be configured similar to the procedure in the real world. They can also be used to set the I/O parameters of the operator controls.

Example of configuration in TIA Portal by simply using a convenient graphical editor with drag-and-drop

An HSP (Hardware Support Package) is available for configuring the Extension Units PROFINET in TIA Portal V14. The support packages enable the configuration of modules that are not contained in the hardware catalog of your TIA Portal installation.

The HSP is available at the following link: Support packages for the hardware catalog in the TIA Portal (HSP)

The Extension Units PROFINET come with two PROFINET-capable on-board Ethernet ports and can be integrated directly into existing automation networks using the integrated switch functionality. Thanks to this switch, the PROFINET cables can be looped through to the SIMATIC HMI PRO device.

In addition, the Extension Units PROFINET have a redundancy mechanism, which allows you to bridge any faults that may occur. Using the Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) for networks in a ring topology, a cable break or component failure is compensated and continuous operation is guaranteed.

External interfaces on the communication module of the Extension Unit PROFINET

Operator controls can be installed in all slots of an Extension Unit PROFINET. Two of these operator controls can be emergency stop buttons. Unlike with the Extension Unit Hardwired, there are no restrictions when it comes to arranging the operator controls in the PROFINET version.

The safety-related signals from the emergency stop buttons are transmitted over the terminal strip on the rear in the communication module of the Extension Units. The maximum two emergency stop buttons are hardwired to an F-CPU or an F-I/O module.

Each Extension Unit offers a specific number of slots for operator controls:

  • Extension Unit 12": 6 slots

  • Extension Unit 15": 8 slots

  • Extension Unit 19": 10 slots

  • Extension Unit 22": 12 slots

The assembling of the Extension Units is very simple. The individual operator controls can be easily mounted and quickly wired in the pre-punched positions without special tools. Just as easily, elements can later be replaced or newly installed in the event of a defect or during a machine retrofit or expansion. (The customer is responsible for assembling the Extension Units).

The released operator controls for the Extension Units offer easy and straightforward assembling of a customized system solution with standard components. The type, number and arrangement of the operator controls in the Extension Units can be individually defined and according to customer request. Thanks to the properties of the Extension Units, these components can be upgraded or exchanged (even at a later date).

Ordering with the TIA Selection Tool

You can select, place and easily order the Extension Units and the associated operator controls with the TIA Selection Tool. The Extension Units are configured with drag-and-drop, similar to the procedure in the TIA Portal.

Example of a configuration of two Extension Units in the TIA Selection Tool

The TIA Selection Tool supports the selection of components, checks the slot rules and prevents potential errors. The tool generates a complete order list from the product configuration.

Please note: The created configuration for the Extension Units merely results in an order list. The devices are delivered unassembled.

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The Extension Units and the operator controls are included system components for SIMATIC HMI PRO devices. Extension Units are supplied without installed components:

Extension Unit 12" PROFINET

Extension Unit 15" PROFINET

Extension Unit 19" PROFINET

Extension Unit 22" PROFINET