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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109746722, Entry date: 04/20/2017

Product announcement Drive ES Basic Maintenance V5.6

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In order to ensure the functionality of STEP 7 projects with integrated Siemens drives (not MICROMASTER 4 or SINAMICS), we plan to introduce the software product Drive ES Basic Maintenance V5.6.

Why is this new version of "Drive ES Basic Maintenance" necessary?

  • With immediate effect, the existing product Drive ES Basic V5.5 SP5 has been discontinued and is available as spare part only. (That means, the software will not be updated regarding the operating systems, and the drive tools will not be updated).
  • STEP 7 V5.6 will support Windows 10.
  • Drive ES Basic Maintenance V5.6 and the drive tools included also support Windows 10.
  • Drive ES Basic Maintenance V5.6 ensures that currently existing STEP 7 V5.x projects with integrated drives continue to be functional (for all operating system environments released by STEP 7 V5.6).
  • Regarding MICROMASTER 4 and SINAMICS drives which have been integrated in STEP 7 V5.x projects, this integration feature will be ensured by the STARTER.
  • STARTER is not included in Drive ES Basic Maintenance V5.6.
  • "Drive ES Basic Maintenance" will include the following commissioning tools:

    • DriveMonitor
    • SimoComU
    • SimoCom A

When do you require Drive ES Basic Maintenance?

  • You plan to use Windows 10 as operating system for STEP 7 V5.x and Drive ES Basic.
  • You want to update your current Drive ES Basic regarding drive tools DriveMonitor, SimoComA, SimoComU.
  • Ensuring the software product maintenance
  • Replacement of the existing "copy license for 60 simultaneous users" (article number: 6SW1700-5JA00-5AA1). Please contact your local Siemens personal contact.

Compatibility with other products

  • STEP 7 V5.4 SP4 or higher is required.
  • STEP 7 V5.6 or higher for Windows 10

Licenses and SUS

  • The Drive ES Basic Maintenance product will only be provided in the form of a floating license, number of users: 1 license will be provided
  • No Software Update Service (SUS) will be provided for the Drive ES Basic Maintenance product.

Selection and ordering data


Article number

Planned start of delivery

Drive ES Basic Maintenance V5.6, floating license, number of users: 16SW1700-5JA00-6AA0 E7.2017

For further information, please contact your Siemens personal contact.

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