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Catalog DA 51.2: MICROMASTER 420/430/440 Inverters 0.12 kW to 250 kW

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Edition: PDF Update 2007/2008
Introduction: Siemens Automation and Drives; MICROMASTER: Overview; MICROMASTER 420 “The universal”: 0.12 kW to 11 kW; MICROMASTER 430 “The specialist for pumps and fans”: 7.5 kW to 250 kW; MICROMASTER 440 “The all-purpose”: 0.12 kW to 250 kW; Appendix
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Supersedes: Catalog DA 51.2 · 2005/2006: The products in this catalog are also included in the electronic catalog CA 01. Article No.: E86060-D4001-A110-C6-7600 (CD-ROM); E86060-D4001-A510-C6-7600 (DVD). Contact your local Siemens representative for further information. © Siemens AG 2007.
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