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Logging Process Values and Alarms with WinCC (TIA Portal)

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Logging compendium. Description of different logging concepts provided by WinCC (TIA Portal).

Siemens offers several products and solutions for logging process values and alarms.

GMP data collection (logging of user actions)

Fig. 01

The objective of this application example is to help you find the logging concept that best suits your requirements and, resulting from this concept, …

  • determine the hardware.
  • achieve optimum performance.
  • provide the greatest possible security in terms of "access protection".
  • ensure output/evaluation.

The application example provides a selection aid for the different logging concepts. This allows you to develop a concept/solution before the actual configuration of logs. 

Program examples
In addition, the application example describes the following program examples.

  • Data log access via Miniweb
Using the example of a Comfort Panel, the document shows how to externally access the Comfort Panel's memory card with the stored data logs.
  • Evaluation of a data log
    The TxT or CSV file is evaluated by importing the data into an "Excel template".
    Then the data can be output using an automatically generated "trend chart".
  • Logging STRING tags
    The tags are logged with the aid of a script or as "discrete alarms".
  • Reading out the data of an RDB log
- Reading out and displaying the data of an RDB log using an Excel spreadsheet.
- Reading out the data using SQLite.

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