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Demo Project for WinCC Runtime Professional V15.1

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Control the production process of two bottling plants individually and track the effects in the corresponding partial process steps. Thus, the demo project provides an overview of a selected range of functions of WinCC Runtime Professional V14 SP1.

Demo projekt for WinCC V15.1

WinCC RT Professional V15.1 (as of SPS 11/2018)
 Registrierung notwendig  WinCC Runtime Professional V15.1 project (125,0 MB)

Demo projekt for WinCC V15

WinCC RT Professional V15 (as of Hannover Fair 04/2018)
 Registrierung notwendig  WinCC Runtime Professional V15 project (55,5 MB)

Demo project for WinCC V14 SP1

Runtime Professional V14 SP1 (as of 24 April 2017)
Registration required Project for WinCC V14 (56.4 MB)

Settings for Runtime Scripting

Note the following settings if you get errors in the scripts during compilation.

  1. Navigate to "Options > Settings > Visualization > Runtime Scripting" in the TIA Portal.
  2. In the runtime settings, add the "Additional INCLUDE path for C scripts:".
    e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Siemens\Automation\SCADA-RT_V11\WinCC\aplib"
    Note: Only the installation location of the path is variable, the specified version is always fix "...\SCADA-RT_V11\" although the TIA Portal version is higher.
  3. Save your TIA Portal project and restart Windows.
  4. Open your project and recompile it completely.

Demo project for WinCC V13 SP1
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Demo project for WinCC V7.4
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Demo project for WinCC V7.3
The demo project for WinCC V7.3 can be found under Entry ID 93148272

Demo projects for HMI operator panels

The demo projects for Basic Panels (2nd generation), Comfort Panels and WinCC Runtime Advanced under WinCC V14 SP1 can be found under the Entry ID 109743690

TIA Portal in Online Support

The overview pages show you all information on the issue "TIA Portal - Visualization" at a glance. Entry ID 90939751

Notes on the demo projects
All texts are available in English, German and French language.
The demo project has been created using two hardware CPUs S7-1516 V2.0. It is not possible to simulate the CPUs with PLCSim due to blocks with “Know-how protection". Please use real hardware or PLCSim Advanced.
TIA Portal V14 SP1 with WinCC Professional and STEP 7 Professional is required for using this demo application. The software required for the use of the demo project is also available as trial software from the responsible sales partner. Contact database

  • Trial DVD SIMATIC WinCC Professional V14 SP1
    (article number: 6AV2100-0AA04-0AA7)
  • Trial DVD SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional V14 SP1
    (article number: 6ES7822-1AA04-0YA7)

System requirements for TIA Portal V14 configuration interface
The hardware and software requirements for installing TIA Portal V14 can be found in the manual.
WinCC Professional V14 Manual

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