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Setting up a Secure VPN Connection between a PC and LOGO! 8

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You can use the LOGO! CMR as OpenVPN server in pre-shared key mode and access the CMR securely via mobile network connection.

The LOGO! controller is an intelligent logic module from Siemens for small automation projects, for example, in building automation. The entire LOGO! 8 product family is equipped with Ethernet interfaces and thus offers new options of communication. LOGO! modules can communicate with each other via Ethernet and the Ethernet standard makes remote access possible, for example, for remote maintenance.

The task is to establish a secure connection between a service PC and LOGO! CMR via Internet and the mobile wireless network.

You can use the LOGO! CMR module (Communication Module Radio) as OpenVPN server in pre-shared key mode. This function extension makes it possible for you to remotely access the web interface of LOGO! CMR and LOGO! BM and, for example, to install the LOGO! BM program via a secure mobile wireless network.

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Characteristics of the solution
The solution described in this application has the following characteristics:

  • Economical and intuitive remote control and remote monitoring of LOGO! 8 logic module via text message and/or email.
  • Convenient commissioning and diagnostics via the web-based management
  • Secure remote access to LOGO! CMR and the connected LOGO! 8 logic module.
  • Via an OpenVPN connection, it is possible to directly access the LOGO! basic module for routing via LOGO! CMR. This makes it possible to access the LOGO! basic module web pages and to carry out an upload or download of the program to/from the LOGO! basic module.
  • Can be used internationally thanks to communication via GSM, UMTS and LTE networks.
  • Suitable for applications in industrial and industry-related branches.

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