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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 109747252, Entry date: 05/10/2017

After upgrading the TIA Portal to version V14 SP1, why do you get a "Side-by-Side" error when starting?

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You have upgraded the TIA Portal from V14 to V14 SP1. After you have successfully completed the upgrade without any errors, you get the following error message the next time you start the TIA Portal: "The Side-by-Side configuration is invalid".

Fig. 01

The TIA Portal can no longer be started.
This message appears if you have not upgraded all the installed options of the TIA Portal to V14 SP1. To check where the differences lie you should start the uninstallation of the "SIMATIC Totally Integrated Automation Portal V14" via "Programs and Features" in the Control Panel. Via the Uninstallation you can see which versions of which TIA Portal options are installed.

Fig. 02

If you have upgraded all the installed options to V14 SP1 or have uninstalled the non-available options, you should no longer get the error message when you start the TIA Portal..

Read the "Important installation notes" in Entry ID: 109740201. This entry also includes the options available for the TIA Portal V14 SP1.

More information about SIMOCODE ES and Soft Starter ES is available in Entry ID: 109746198.