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How can you change the language-dependent display of decimal symbols in WinCC?

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For Basic Panels, Comfort Panels and WinCC RT Advanced there are several language-dependent setting options for decimal symbols, list separators and date formats.

Basic Panels 2nd Generation

With Basic Panels you can specify the decimal symbol, date format etc. via specific system events. You can change these system events depending on the language.

To enable system events you go to the "HMI alarms" editor and click the "System Events" tab.

WinCC Comfort, WinCC Advanced or WinCC Professional has to be installed to make the "System Events" tab visible with Basic Panels. When you first open the tab you are asked whether the system events are to be created for this panel.

Respond to this message by clicking "Yes".

Fig. 01

You can change the display via the following system events:

  • 330018 = Date
  • 330019 = Time
  • 330023 = Decimal symbol
  • 330020 = AM
  • 330021 = PM

To be able to display system events 330020 and 330021 you must add "tt" at the end in system event 330019. You can change these system events as you wish.

For example, if you change the system event 330023 in German from "," to ".", the decimal symbol becomes ".". The decimal symbol changes accordingly on the onscreen keyboard.

Fig. 02


  • You can change the displayed characters at will, but not all the characters are supported for the input.
  • Changing the list separator is not supported by Basic Panels of the first generation and is always the same for all languages.

Comfort Panels

Decimal symbol, date format and list separator are always changed according to the language. You can change these characters via the Regional and Language Settings in the Control Panel of the Comfort Panel.

Proceed as follows for this:

  • In the Control Panel you open the "Regional and Language Settings".
  • In the "Regional Settings" tab you can set a default language.
  • Language-dependent changes can be made in the remaining tabs.

If you make changes in the tabs, those changes apply to all languages.

You want to change the decimal symbol:

  • For this you open the "Number" tab. There, under "Decimal symbol", you can change the decimal symbol as required.
  • If the desired symbol is not in the drop-down list, you can enter it manually.

Fig. 03

If you change the decimal symbol, it is used in all the languages and also displayed accordingly on the oncreen keyboard.

Fig. 04

WinCC RT Advanced

With WinCC RT Advanced you can control the type of display via the language settings in Windows.
For example, if you change the decimal symbol for one language directly in Windows, the change is also applied by WinCC RT Advanced.

Changing the decimal symbol for "English (United States)":

  • Open the Control Panel and select "Region and Language" and under "Format" you select "English (United States)".

Fig. 05

  • Click "Additional settings...". In the next window you can change the decimal symbol as you wish.

Fig. 06

  • You cannot change the decimal symbol shown on the onscreen keyboard, but the changed symbol is entered when you press the key.

Fig. 07

Not all the characters that can be set as the decimal symbol in the Regional and Language settings are also supported for the input.

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