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Information on working with libraries in SIMOCODE ES (TIA Portal)

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This entry contains information on working with libraries in SIMOCODE ES (TIA Portal).


What needs to be taken into account when using libraries in SIMOCODE ES (TIA Portal)?


In SIMOCODE ES (TIA Portal), individual charts have been able to be stored in libraries for reuse since version V14.

If connections between functions are deleted during the parameterization of SIMOCODE function blocks in SIMOCODE ES (TIA Portal), these are not completely deleted.

SIMOCODE ES retains additional data that is not relevant for execution but required for graphical parameterization.

If charts with deleted connections are copied into a library as master copies, and these charts are inserted into a project from the library again, then the data in the target device is corrupted, i.e.

the connections deleted when creating the master copy are now available again (see figures 1 and 2).

Function blocks that existed as start or target points for the deleted connections and were also deleted from the chart at some point during creation are inserted again by SIMOCODE ES (TIA Portal) where a suitable partner block is available.

This behavior occurs regardless of whether there are already one or more charts in the chart folder at the time you insert a chart from a library.

Fig. 1: Saved connections to blocks that no longer exist or are no longer present are marked with a circle.

Fig. 2: In the Inspector window, select the "Dynamic sheet bars" sheet bar view under "Sheet bars/layout" to display the bad connections.


The behaviors given above do not occur if the chart is updated in the library before copying.

To do this, click on the "Update" command in the CFC chart toolbar:

Important note:

The update does not affect existing charts in a library. If master copies from an existing library are reused, you must check that the charts function properly and are not corrupt after inserting them into a project and modify them where necessary.

This will be remedied in one of the next updates for SIMOCODE ES (TIA Portal).

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