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Configuring temperature acquisition using SITRANS TH300 in PCS 7 using the SITRANS Library

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Use the entire range of functions of SITRANS field devices by using the SITRANS Library for PCS 7. The SITRANS Library contains special function and channel blocks that make it possible to read out device parameters from the SITRANS field devices. In the application example, we will describe how you integrate a SITRANS field device using a SITRANS measuring point.

The task
In process automation and, in particular, in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and oil sectors, field devices are absolutely indispensable. Since they supply important process values in industrial plants, which are used in huge amounts, it is important to integrate field devices efficiently into process control systems and to design process control on a transparent basis.

Field devices supply variables, parameters, and diagnostic data in addition to the process value, which provide operators with important information. This information should be available to operators at the operator station (OS)

This application example describes linking of a SITRANS field device in SIMATIC PCS 7 with the help of the SITRANS Library.

We will present the "SitransT" measuring point of the SITRANS Library, which is used amongst other things to link the SITRANS TH300 temperature transmitter. The measuring point consists of channel blocks of the Advanced Process Library (APL) and channel and function blocks of the SITRANS Library. Using the measuring point leads to a significant reduction in the amount of engineering effort that is needed to integrate field devices.

The temperature transmitter is linked to the distributed peripherals by means of the HART protocol. In this example, we will configure three of the four possible HART variables. You carry out configuration of the field device as well as operator control and monitoring in the familiar PCS 7 environment.

You can use the shown solution for both new configurations and for integration into existing projects.

Benefits of the SITRANS Library

  • Less configuration effort needed

  • Representation of additional device information

  • Clear display of process variables

  • Device-specific faceplates

  • Easier process control


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