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Water Consultant Portal

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Customized planning and engineering support for your system

The configuration of power distribution and automation elements when designing water and wastewater systems, pumping stations, and desalination plants determine their reliability, cost efficiency, and performance. To give consultant engineers and planners the best possible assistance with this task, Siemens has developed an efficient tool for your day-to-day work: the Water Consultant Portal. The portal contains all information relevant to the planning process in terms of electrotechnical equipment, along with practical examples for configuring the automation and power distribution.


Please registerat first your account at Siemens Industry Online Support (SIOS) and accept the private statement within your first log-in.

Having completed SIOS registration, enter our Water Consultant Portal site again and apply for the access to the protected area (Extranet) of the Portal using this link.

After your access has been authorized, you can enter the Extranet of our Portal. To do so, please log in to SIOS and make sure that the “Internet + Extranet” has been selected, as shown on picture below.

Approval Process

Having registered to Siemens Online Support (SIOS) and applied for the access to the restricted area (Extranet) of our Water Portal, we will do the internal verification of your request, which may take several days. You will get a notification email: in case of granted access, you get an access to the Portal using your SIOS log-in data.

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact your Siemens Sales representative or our water team via waterportal.industry@siemens.com