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Why can the SINEMA Remote Connect Client not connect with the SINEMA Remote Connect Server?

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For the SINEMA Remote Connect Client V1.0 SP2 to be able to connect to the SINEMA Remote Connect Server certain system requirements and quantity frameworks have to be respected. You must also set up a port release in the SINEMA Remote Connect Client.

System requirements
In the manual of the SINEMA Remote Connect Clientis a list of the hardware requirements and operating systems needed to operate the SINEMA Remote Connect Client V1.0 SP2. Use SINEMA Remote Connect Server V1.2.

Quantity framework
SINEMA Remote Connect Client V1.0 SP2 can connect with up to 100 subnets.
Of these resources are already used internally for the OPVN and the IPSec address area. Correspondingly each user may only access a maximum of 95 subnets to make the connection of the SINEMA Remote Connect Client possible.

Port release
Follow the instructions in Entry 109745584 to establish a secured connection via OpenVPN between SINEMA Remote Connect Client and SINEMA Remote Connect Server.

Security information
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