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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 109747758, Entry date: 06/04/2019

LOGO!8 Light control with HMI panel

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Possibility to regulate dimmers to control bulbs and bulb groups with the analog outputs of LOGO!8 as well comfortable setting, saving and re-opening various light scenarios using a HMI Panel.

With LOGO!8 and the standard recipe function of the Basic Panel KTP900 it is possible to create, save
and edit light scenarios.
With the alternative use of the Comfort Panel KTP900 it is possible to use a Teach Mode to control easy
und intuitive various light scenarios.
Extending the LOGO!8 with 8 analog expansion modules it is possible to control 8 dimmers with analog
outputs (AQx) to regulate the brightness of the lights.

  109747758_LOGO_light_control_en.pdf (2,4 MB)

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